2024’s Key Events for Software Acquisition Pros

Top Tech Events for Software Acquisition Professionals in 2024

The software acquisition field in 2024 is brimming with anticipation for more mergers and acquisitions (M&A). A recovering financial market and the need for business model changes are driving this surge. Those who are proactive and strategic will see success despite a few uncertainties.

Some sectors like energy, technology, and pharma are quickly picking up the M&A trend. However, areas such as banking and healthcare are a bit slower. Big stories include Exxon possibly buying Pioneer and Chevron eyeing Hess. Plus, HP Enterprise is looking to snap up Juniper Networks, creating quite a buzz. These moves show how the M&A landscape is shifting, pointing to new opportunities in software acquisition for the year.

Key Takeaways

  • The software acquisition market in 2024 anticipates a surge in M&A activity, ending a tough bear market.
  • Recovery in financial markets and strategic business model transformations are significant drivers.
  • Energy, technology, and pharma industries show early M&A rebound signs, whereas banking and healthcare may lag.
  • Notable deals include Exxon’s potential Pioneer acquisition and Chevron’s proposed takeover of Hess.
  • HP Enterprise aims to acquire Juniper Networks, indicating robust activity in the tech sector.

Introduction to the Software Acquisition Landscape in 2024

In 2024, software acquisition experts are exploring a rapidly changing landscape. This environment is filled with new chances due to economic recovery and shifts in business models. Factors like slower inflation and expected interest rate drops fuel this positive vibe. Big software deals underline this optimism.

Experts like Brian Levy and Malcolm Lloyd highlight creating value and understanding AI’s role. This insight is key for professionals wanting to grow and make smart choices.

software acquisition landscape

Top software events in 2024 are vital for staying updated on the latest trends. More than 20 leaders gathered to discuss AI’s influence on decision-making. Talks on AI-ready infrastructure and using AI for a competitive edge show the importance of tech in acquisition plans.

Many sectors, from tech to healthcare, are part of the vast software acquisition landscape. Sectors like retail and real estate, currently improving, offer abundant M&A chances in 2024.

Knowing about new tech and smart decision-making gives acquisition pros an edge. This information is crucial for making the most of 2024’s opportunities.

“Significant decreases in crime rates have been observed for early-adopter cities utilizing innovative technologies, highlighting the transformative potential of these advancements.”

Improved business strategy through computer vision and video intelligence is on the horizon. The need for modern video systems is clear in many fields. Combining hardware and software is crucial for precise data analysis.

Overall, the top software events in 2024 will make a big impact. They will offer key insights, chances to connect, and strategies for success. What’s learned and who’s met at these events will be instrumental in managing M&A’s changing landscape.

Technology Innovations Impacting Software Acquisition in 2024

In 2024, the way software is bought is changing thanks to new tech. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and generative AI lead these changes. They are making a big impact on how value is created in the world of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). At the upcoming event, 13 speakers will share insights. They will talk about how these new technologies are shaping the M&A field.

technology innovations

Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Software Acquisition

Artificial intelligence (AI) is key in today’s software buying strategies. It offers smart analytics to help make better decisions. On February 5, Kevin Prouty from IDC will have sessions focused on AI. He will discuss what AI can and can’t do in the software world. Dora Boussias from Stryker will also talk. She’ll show how to use data and AI to make big changes in companies. Understanding these insights is critical. It helps when looking at new software to buy, ensuring it’s ready for AI.

Trends in Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity

Cloud computing and cybersecurity are top concerns in software buying. The increase in using the cloud makes finding safe, scalable solutions even more important. Frank Dickson’s talk will focus on security and trust with AI. It will offer important things for those making deals to think about. More and more, buyers are valuing tech uses over just making money. This is clear from a big increase in tech deals in early 2024.

Importance of Generative AI in M&A Activity

Generative AI is changing how companies are bought and sold. Its uses are growing fast, affecting many industries. There will be discussions on how companies like Cisco and HP use these technologies to get ahead. The purchase of Run:AI by Nvidia for $700 million is a big example. These AI trends are likely to keep growing this year. They offer a good chance for companies to improve their AI without having to start from zero.

Notable Tech Acquisitions in 2024Acquisition ValueAcquiring CompanyAcquired Company
Cisco$28 billionCisco SystemsSplunk
IBM$6.4 billionIBMHashiCorp
Nvidia$700 millionNvidiaRun:AI

Top Tech Events for Software Acquisition Professionals in 2024

In 2024, some amazing tech conferences are coming for software acquisition pros. They offer chances to learn about the newest trends, meet top people in the field, and maybe even make big deals. Events like the AI Summit in London and IEEE’s meet-up in Singapore will spark new ideas and growth in the industry.

Notable Conferences and Summits

The year will see many important meets. For example, the AI Summit will happen in London on June 12-13. Ai4 2024 follows in Las Vegas from August 12-14, with lots of speakers and exhibitors. In June, the IEEE 2024 Conference on Artificial Intelligence is set in Singapore. Wuhan, China, will host an International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science in July. San Francisco closes the list with the AI Conference 2024 on September 10-11.

AI SummitLondon, UKJune 12-13, 2024
Ai4 2024Las Vegas, USAAugust 12-14, 2024
IEEE 2024 ConferenceSingaporeJune 25-27, 2024
AICS 2024Wuhan, ChinaJuly 26-28, 2024
AI Conference 2024San Francisco, USASeptember 10-11, 2024

Keynote Speakers and Expert Panels

Keynotes and expert talks are a big part of these conferences. You can hear from big names like Malcolm Lloyd and Brian Levy. They’ll help you navigate the software buying world. Also, don’t miss special panels like the “Attention Is All You Need” one. The people who first wrote about AI advancements will be there to talk.

“GTC 2024 was the single most important event in the history of the technology industry.” — SilconANGLE theCUBE

Workshops and Networking Opportunities

At these meets, workshops and chances to meet others in the field are golden. Like NVIDIA’s Deep Learning sessions give practical skills. Plus, at networking events, you can share and learn top tips or make new industry friends. Big industry players like Microsoft offer various ways to participate, making it easier for everyone.

Joining these events is key to succeed in the challenging M&A field this year.

Sector-Specific Trends and Predictions

The tech industry’s M&A outlook for 2024 shows a mixed recovery speed across sectors. The information technology sector is looking at a 4% to 5% rise in tech spending. This will boost sector-specific acquisition trends. IT leaders once expected a 7.5% surge but now see a predicted growth of 4.3%. This shows they’re cautiously optimistic due to market improvements.

Big tech companies are bumping up their tech spending budgets by 1% to 3%. Meanwhile, smaller firms are increasing their spending by about 6.5%. This shows that small and medium-sized businesses are spending more than big Global 2000 firms. But, everyone is careful because of big economic unknowns. They’re watching earnings closely and looking at the economic climate quarter by quarter.

The Federal Reserve continues to shape market hopes and spending trends. Hyperscalers are at the heart of AI trends’ benefits. Companies like Snowflake and Databricks are key players in the AI game.

Forecasts suggest strong activity in healthcare and tech deals. This is thanks to ongoing digital shifts and energy changes. Over half of AI users are expected to see returns in a year, with 40% of them hitting that mark in six months. Businesses that use AI well, not just on the surface, are set to lead in the tech M&A scene.

Data from Hired’s data science teams provides deep insights on software engineering roles and salaries. They looked at over 65,000 candidates and 330,000 interview requests from January 2022 to December 2023. This data shows how different employer sizes are handling the M&A tech predictions.


The year 2024 looks bright for acquisition experts. After a slow 2023, they can expect many chances to make deals. The market is on the rise, and there might be interest rate cuts. Big companies are making moves that hint at more business deals.

Those who adopt new technologies early will likely do well. This includes AI and cloud computing. Such trends are expected to play a big role in making successful deals.

The top tech conferences let acquisition professionals learn and connect. TechTalk Summits is a great example. It covers how AI is changing business at its AI Impact event. There are also talks about staying safe online and managing data properly.

At these conferences, there’s a lot of chances to meet people. For example, you can network four different times in one day. Plus, experts from IDC will share helpful insights in AI. This not only helps gain knowledge but also builds paths for future deals.

Planning out the day is made easy with morning and afternoon sessions. These are made to have the most impact. There are also one-on-one meetings during lunch. These brief talks can give specific advice to people looking for new business opportunities.

Features about AI and cybersecurity are part of almost 17% of the sessions. This means participants get ready for the challenges in the M&A world today. In total, these events make sure people are informed and ready to make the most of the business environment.

To sum up, those in the field of acquisitions should look forward to 2024. It’s going to be a year focused on new tech and being actively involved in the sector. Many learning opportunities mean there’s good potential for a comeback in deals for those well-prepared.


What are the most anticipated software acquisition events in 2024?

The biggest tech events for software hunters in 2024 are the RSA Conference, CES, and TechCrunch Disrupt. They offer great insights and chances to meet other experts.

How will the software acquisition landscape change in 2024?

In 2024, software buying will see big changes. More deals are expected as the market bounces back. We’ll see a lot of action in energy, tech, and pharma mergers.

What role does Artificial Intelligence play in software acquisitions?

Artificial Intelligence is a big deal in buying software. It helps make better predictions and plans. AI is key when buying startups that use AI.

What are the latest trends in Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity for software acquisition?

In 2024, Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity trends are about strong, big solutions for software. Before buying, these technologies help check if a company is secure and scalable.

Why is Generative AI important in M&A activities?

Generative AI is a game changer in M&A. Companies are using it to get ahead, like Cisco and HP. It’s changing how deals are done.

What are some notable conferences for software acquisition professionals in 2024?

Big conferences include RSA, CES, and TechCrunch. They are great places to learn about new trends and make deals. They have workshops and chances to meet others in the field.

Who are some of the key speakers at these tech events?

Top people like Malcolm Lloyd and Brian Levy will speak. They’ll talk about making deals and the tech’s impact.

How can professionals benefit from attending workshops and networking opportunities?

At the events, workshops and networking are key. They let professionals meet and share ideas. This helps build important connections in the buying business.

What are the sector-specific trends and predictions for 2024?

Expect exciting things in energy, tech, and pharma with lots of deals. Healthcare and FS will focus on going digital and being eco-friendly. Industrial and auto fields will look for new tech.

What is the overall outlook for the M&A market in 2024?

It looks good for 2024, with technology leading the way. Those who move fast and smart with buying will do well.
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