7 Lesser-Known Services Provided by AAA You May Not Be Aware Of

Discover the Unseen Benefits of AAA Beyond Road Assistance

Have you ever thought of AAA as just a knight in shining armor for stranded vehicles? Well, think again! For over half a century, AAA, particularly through the California State Automobile Association (CSAA) wing, has been quietly offering comprehensive car insurance in 23 states alongside the District of Columbia. And it doesn’t just stop at car insurance; the CSAA collaborates with authorized providers across various states, ensuring you get the help you need whether you prefer online quotes, phone consultations, or face-to-face discussions in one of their many national offices.

Membership Perks: More Than Just a Card in Your Wallet

Here’s the scoop – to tap into AAA’s insurance offerings, you need to be part of the club. But, hear this out, being a member doesn’t just open the door to insurance; it ushers you into a world of discounts. And who doesn’t love saving a little extra on the side, right? There’s more – bundle up different insurance types with your auto plan, and watch those rates drop even further. From safeguarding your life, your home, your business travels, to even ensuring your pets’ routine health and emergencies are covered, AAA seems to have all bases covered.

Going Above and Beyond: Umbrella Coverage and More

Ever worried about what happens when the unexpected occurs, and your base insurance policies wave the white flag? That’s where AAA’s umbrella coverage comes into play, standing as a guard against claims that dare to surpass your primary insurance limits. And for those of you spinning the dream of a perfect wedding, AAA’s got your back there too. A specifically tailored policy can keep your guests safe from injuries during your big day and safeguard your wallet against the whims of the weather, health mishaps, or sub-par vendor services.

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