A Discussion with Mayors: How Innovation Impacts Spokane and Seattle, Featuring Lisa Brown and Bruce Harrell

Between Seattle and Spokane, Washington’s two largest cities, lies a tech ecosystem of varying maturity levels, yet both have valuable experiences to share. At a Technology Alliance event, Spokane Mayor Lisa Brown discussed efforts to sustain affordability amidst population growth driven by remote work, while Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell reflected on the tech boom’s impact on housing and affordability since his City Council election in 2007. Harrell emphasized the potential of artificial intelligence to address industry and societal inequities, as Brown highlighted Spokane’s initiatives like the American Aerospace Materials Manufacturing Center under the U.S. Chips and Science Act and efforts in economic equality and early childhood education. Both leaders, with distinctive backgrounds and achievements, underscored the continuous evolution in their cities’ innovation economies, challenges, and the collaborative effort required for future advancements.

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