Air Cooler Reliability with AIO-Level Performance

While the market for high-end CPU coolers has decidedly shifted towards closed-loop all-in-one liquid coolers over the last several years, air cooling remains alive and well. Even at the high-end, there are still further improvements and innovations being made, such as DeepCool’s vapor chamber-based tower cooler, which was demonstrated at Computex.

Named the Assassin IV VC Vision, DeepCool’s design is an advanced concept vehicle that equips a tower cooled with both a vapor chamber in the base as well as an LCD pad on top for extra flourish. The vapor chamber is said to increase the cooling capacity by 20W, adding a bit more of an edge to an already very powerful tower cooler design.

While we expect this one to come to market eventually, don’t be surprised if both the vapor chamber and the screen land on other products, either together or separately. For example, the massive DeepCool Assassin IV VC Vision has a more compact brother that features both a screen and a vapor chamber.

The unit builds on top of the already monstrous DeepCool Assassin IV, which comes with seven 0.6-mm heat pipes and can mount up to three 120/140mm fans, depending on installation (one is magnetically attached). With a weight of 1.575 kilograms – almost entirely copper and aluminum – this cooler is already capable of cooling even the highest-performing CPUs.

DeepCool is currently determining the recommended pricing for its Assassin IV VC Vision cooler. The original Assassin IV costs $99.99, so expect the unit with a vapor chamber and a screen to be priced higher.

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