Apple Reportedly Plans to Provide Increased Trade-In Credit for Old iPhones Over the Next Fortnight

If you’ve been clinging to an older iPhone model, now might be the optimal moment to consider upgrading. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple plans to sweeten the deal on certain trade-ins starting next week in both the US and Canada. There hasn’t been an official announcement from Apple regarding the promotion, but Gurman notes that it will be available in-store for individuals trading in for any model within the iPhone 15 series. The promotion is set to commence this Monday and will continue through June 3.

Trade-in values for various iPhone models, stretching back to the iPhone 7, can be found on Apple’s website. At present, an older model like the iPhone 7 might fetch around $50, whereas a more recent model such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max could have a trade-in value of up to $630. While these online estimates provide some guidance, the actual trade-in value offered can vary. Without explicit confirmation from Apple on the expected increase in trade-in values, it remains uncertain how much more customers can anticipate receiving.

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