Arm Unveils 2024 CPU Core Lineup: Introducing Cortex X925, A725, and A520 with Arm v9.2 Architecture for 3nm Technology

As the semiconductor industry continues to evolve, Arm stands at the forefront of innovation for its core and IP architecture, especially in the mobile space, by pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions for end users. For 2024, Arm’s year-on-year strategic advancements focus on enhancing last year’s Armv9.2 architecture with a new twist. Arm has rebranded and re-strategized its efforts by introducing Client Compute Solutions (CSS), the direct successor to last year’s Total Compute Solutions (TSC2023) platform.

Arm is also transitioning its latest IP and Cortex core designs, including the largest Cortex X925, the middle Cortex A725, and the refreshed and smaller Cortex A520, to the more advanced 3 nm process technology. Arm promises that the 3 nm process node will deliver unprecedented performance gains compared to last year’s designs, power efficiency and scalability improvements, and new front and back-end refinements to its Cortex series of cores. Arm’s new solutions look to power the next generation of mobile and AI applications, as Arm, along with its complete AArch64 64-bit instruction execution and approach to solutions geared towards mobile and notebooks, looks set to redefine end users’ expectations within the Android and Windows on Arm products.

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