As Details of Valve’s Deadlock Game Massively Leak, the Company Maintains an Uncharacteristic Silence

What just happened? Since early 2022, Valve has been working on its much-anticipated game Deadlock. The gaming community has been buzzing with news about numerous leaks, including still images, video clips, and game details of this rumored 6v6 hero shooter, which have been circulating widely online.

Interestingly, Valve has not taken steps to suppress the dissemination of Deadlock’s leaked content. This lack of action has sparked theories on Reddit that the leaks might be a deliberate marketing strategy by Valve.

A Reddit user commented, “It’s free marketing without much effort.”

Another Reddit user proposed the idea that Valve could be utilizing the leaks to “test public reaction” while the game remains in its closed alpha phase, allowing for potential adjustments based on feedback.

Recent leaks have featured gameplay footage, disclosed by user Pixel on X/Twitter, demonstrating character abilities, intriguing enemy engagement tactics, and dynamic movements like dodges and slides, accentuated by a clip of the “Infernus” character, showcasing Deadlock’s emphasis on agile combat.

Although Valve has not officially confirmed Deadlock, the volume and depth of the leaks imply significant progress on the project, all carrying that distinct Valve aesthetic.

On May 16, Gabe Follower shared Deadlock leaks on X, describing it as a 6v6 MOBA set in expansive maps with a quartet of lanes. It integrates ability use, tower defense elements, and a fantasy-steampunk crossover setting filled with mages, fantastical beasts, and automatons, further featuring a rapid transit system reminiscent of Bioshock Infinite’s “floating rails.”

User 404 Leak contributed to this flood of information, posting gameplay footage on May 22 that corroborated Gabe Follower’s description of the innovative transportation system. Additionally, the footage showcases what appears to be an in-game “Hero Training” guide.

Additional leaks have introduced game mechanics like acquiring “Souls” currency by defeating foes, which can be exchanged for power-ups and enhancements at in-game kiosks, offering boosts to capabilities, ammunition, endurance, and more.

When the notorious 4chan forum leaked over 90 gameplay and tutorial clips, it solidified the notion that, if the leaks are a marketing strategy, they represent one of the most elaborate in gaming history. This harks back to the extensive GTA VI leaks in September 2022.

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