ASML Supports €110M Dutch Deeptech Investment Fund Focused on Quantum and Semiconductors

A Dutch Tech Jewel: ASML’s Continuing Legacy in the Eindhoven Ecosystem

Ever caught yourself wondering about the movers and shakers of the tech world? Well, let’s take a stroll through the Dutch tech landscape, where ASML shines brighter than a diamond. You might have stumbled across headlines recently, buzzing with the news of ASML and the Dutch government playing a high-tech tug of war to stay put in the Netherlands. But hey, don’t let that fool you into thinking ASML is slowing its roll.

Staying Rooted: ASML’s Contribution to the Dutch Tech Garden

Despite the whispers of relocation due to talent and infrastructure hiccups, ASML hasn’t pulled back its helping hand from the Dutch tech scene. In a bold move, ASML recently poured an undisclosed but undoubtedly hefty chunk of change into DeepTechXL’s €110mn fund. Based out of Eindhoven (the tech heart of the Netherlands, if you ask me), DeepTechXL is on a mission. They’re all about injecting some much-needed fuel into deeptech startups dabbling in quantum technologies, photonics, and the intricate dance of semiconductors and complex mechanics. And let me tell you, it’s exciting stuff!

More Than Money: A Vision of Unity and Innovation

Peter Wennink, ASML’s CEO, gushes about DeepTechXL not just being another notch on their investment belt. Nope, it’s a “wonderful example” of cooperation among the Dutch deep tech ecosystem’s key players. These folks are banding together, eyes on the prize of a long-term vision that promises to turn heads and invite wide-eyed wonder. And trust me, in the tech world, that kind of collaboration is as precious as finding water on Mars.

DeepTechXL: The New Kid on the Block Making Waves

Since its inception in 2022, DeepTechXL has been far from idle. They’ve already welcomed eight companies into their fold, including pioneers like Delft Circuits, who are redefining quantum computing with cryogenic cable innovations. Let’s not forget Superlight with its supercontinuum generation laser tech and Gilbert Technologies, who’s on a quest to revolutionize pulmonary drug inhalers. These are not just businesses; they’re trailblazers lighting up the path to the future.

Driving Innovation with a Purpose

It’s not just about being at the forefront of technology for DeepTechXL and their managing partner, Teska van Vuren. Oh no, they’re tackling the big kahunas – healthcare, cybersecurity, you name it. Their eyes are set on making tangible differences, tackling major societal challenges head-on. And with heavyweights like ASML and PME (the Dutch pension fund for the metal and tech industry) backing them, alongside a lineup of other significant investors, they’ve got the muscle to make waves.

So there we have it, folks. In the heart of the Netherlands, amidst talks of relocation and challenges, ASML shines as a beacon of hope, innovation, and unwavering support for the deep tech landscape. From quantum computing to healthcare revolutions, the story unfolding in Eindhoven is one of collaboration, vision, and, dare I say, a tech utopia in the making. Now, isn’t that a story worth paying attention to?

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