Atlassian to Purchase Former Unicorn Loom for $975M

Atlassian Ventures into the Future of Team Collaboration with $975M Acquisition of Loom

Atlassian, the software development company known for its popular project management tools like Jira and Confluence, announced today that it is acquiring Loom, a video messaging service, for a whopping $975 million. This move comes as a strategic step for Atlassian to enhance its collaboration capabilities and tap into the rising trend of asynchronous video communication.

Loom, once valued at $1.53 billion in May 2021, has attracted 25 million customers and facilitated over 5 million video conversations per month. Despite a declining valuation, Atlassian recognizes the immense potential in Loom and its user base. By integrating Loom into its platform, Atlassian aims to provide distributed teams with a powerful collaboration tool that enables seamless communication and connection.

What makes this acquisition even more promising is the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) features. Atlassian envisions leveraging AI to enhance video collaboration, offering features like video transcripts, summaries, documents, and workflow integration. With this advanced functionality, teams can connect and collaborate more effectively, bridging the gap created by remote work and distributed teams.

While the acquisition marks a new chapter for Loom, its CEO, Joe Thomas, remains optimistic. He believes that joining forces with Atlassian will accelerate their mission to empower every individual in the workplace to communicate more effectively, regardless of their location. The combined expertise and resources of the two companies hold the potential to unlock tremendous growth and innovation, surpassing what either company could achieve independently.

Founded in 2015, Loom has received significant funding, raising over $200 million from prominent investors and industry leaders. Its impressive client roster includes esteemed corporations such as Ford, Tesla, Disney, Walmart, Goldman Sachs, and Amazon. However, despite attracting a large user base with its free offering, Loom faced challenges in converting users into paying customers, which may have contributed to the company’s recent layoffs.

Atlassian plans to finance the acquisition using its existing cash reserves, and the transaction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of next year, subject to customary conditions and regulatory approvals. With this strategic move, Atlassian solidifies its position as a leader in the collaboration software market, poised to shape the future of team communication.

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