Automatic OneDrive Data Sync Now Available on Windows 11

Classic Microsoft: Microsoft’s OneDrive, a cloud storage and file-syncing solution directly integrated into Windows, has gradually become more bothersome and irritating for users. Recently, Microsoft seems intent on exacerbating this by making OneDrive an opt-out feature.

Microsoft has updated the Windows 11 installation process to turn on OneDrive data synchronization by default without presenting users with an opt-out option. This “feature” is enabled during the Windows 11 setup after users log in with an online Microsoft account.

Post-installation, the Windows desktop becomes cluttered with new shortcuts to user data and folders previously saved on OneDrive. This process is fully automated, resulting in synchronization between Microsoft’s cloud servers and the local Windows “experience” starting immediately after completing a supposedly “clean” Windows 11 installation.

Microsoft had the option to offer users a few pop-up choices to enable OneDrive synchronization right after the initial setup of Windows 11. Instead, the company chose to impose OneDrive on users. Frustrated users rapidly took to Reddit to express their outrage over yet another inconvenience caused by Windows 11.

Users can disable OneDrive to stop unwanted data synchronization following the Windows installation. Microsoft even offers an official troubleshooting guide for properly shutting down the service and removing the software from their PCs. However, enabling auto-syncing during the Windows setup contradicts this. Microsoft might reconsider this decision if user complaints flood forums and social media, but this provides little solace for those wanting a clean, uncluttered Windows 11 install right now.

Redmond’s intention appears clear: to bind users to its OneDrive cloud backup solution. This change suggests Microsoft deems user choice as either insignificant or less critical compared to its extensive data harvesting, telemetry collection, and the expansion of its cloud ecosystem.

Previously, Microsoft has employed various “tricks” and questionable tactics to force OneDrive onto PCs, including requiring annoyed users to justify opting out of the pesky cloud software. The company is focused on confining users within its digital walled garden by mandating a Microsoft online account during Windows 11 installation and removing help pages guiding users to convert their Microsoft account into a local, “offline” one. This behavior has even led the European Commission to threaten substantial DMA fines against Microsoft.

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