Caroline Viarouge Discusses EIT Manufacturing and Collaboration Between the EU and UK

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Cue the fanfare and warm up your ears, because you’ve just hit the play button on the freshest episode of the TNW Podcast. This isn’t just any tech talk; it’s your backstage pass to the heartthrob of European technology, spiced up with juicy interviews that get you closer than ever to the innovators shaping our digital world.

What’s Buzzing in Today’s Episode?

Imagine sitting down for coffee with friends Linnea and Andrii, except your chat ranges from artificial general intelligence to the future where your airbuds scream “fix me” rather than “replace me.” We’ve got drone delivery scoop that might just make waiting for packages a breeze, and for our fellow tech enthusiasts, a splash of Wolverine lore. Because, why not?

Special Guest Alert: Caroline Viarouge

Powerhouses in tech don’t come any mightier than Caroline Viarouge, CEO at EIT Manufacturing. She drops by to chat about the UK and EU’s tag team in research and innovation. It’s the kind of conversation that leaves you smarter than you were 10 minutes ago.

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Episode Highlights

Drooling over the details? Here are the stories and things we chewed over in the episode:

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