Dragon Age Inquisition Offered for Free for One Week During Epic’s Mega Sale

What just happened? Epic recently unveiled a promotion featuring significant discounts on several prominent new releases, making it one of the most generous offers in the history of the Epic Games Store. For a limited time, customers have the opportunity to obtain BioWare’s lauded Dragon Age Inquisition at no cost for seven days.

For a limited time until March 23, the Epic Games Store is offering Dragon Age Inquisition: Game of the Year Edition for free. This highly praised RPG marks the beginning of a series of mystery games to be disclosed periodically up until the “Mega Sale” concludes on June 13. This celebrated title comes complete with all its expansion packs and downloadable content, though it still necessitates the use of EA’s gaming launcher.

Since its debut in 2014, the game has garnered multiple awards, including Game of the Year from The Game Awards and DICE. Conversations with Eurogamer revealed that among the undisclosed titles slated for release this fiscal year, as mentioned in a recent EA financial statement, is the sequel, Dragon Age Dreadwolf.

Should these speculations hold, BioWare’s forthcoming major RPG is set to debut before April 1, 2025. Little has been disclosed about the game by the studio. Nonetheless, EA plans to host a showcase this summer (presumably next month), which would provide a perfect occasion for an official unveiling. Securing the complimentary Inquisition offer this week may serve as an ideal primer for fans anticipating the sequel.

The next free mystery game will be announced by Epic once the Inquisition promotion concludes on May 23 at 11 AM ET, with at least three more mystery titles expected to be unveiled during the sale.

The promotion also extends to a variety of popular games. Notable discounts include 80 percent off EA Sports FC 24 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, priced at $13.99 and $11.99 respectively. Horizon Zero Dawn and Far Cry 6 are available at a discount of 75 percent, for $12.49 and $14.99.

Current year releases are also part of the sale, including Prince of Persia The Lost Crown at $29.99 with a 40 percent discount, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League for $27.99 after a 60 percent reduction, and Skull and Bones at half price for $29.99. Alan Wake II is discounted by 20 percent to $39.99, and significant discounts are again listed by Rockstar for Red Dead Redemption 2 ($23.99) and Grand Theft Auto V ($14.99).

These special offers are anticipated to last until March 23, at which point Epic is expected to refresh the range of deals.

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