Guide on Operating the Soap Dispenser of Your Ryobi Pressure Washer

To get started with the soap dispenser on your Ryobi power washer, the initial step is pinpointing the location of the soap source. The design of your power washer determines whether the soap container is positioned at its front or rear, or for certain handheld models, attached directly onto the lance. It’s advisable to look through the user’s manual for specifics about your model’s design. After identifying and connecting the soap reservoir properly, adhere to the subsequent instructions to operate the soap dispenser on your Ryobi power washer.

  1. Ensure the soap reservoir’s feed tube is fully inserted to guarantee effective fluid suction.
  2. Switch the power washer to its low-pressure mode since soap dispensing works exclusively on this setting.
  3. This adjustment often involves changing to a low-pressure nozzle or altering the lance’s nozzle tip by rotating it.
  4. Connect the power washer to a water supply and activate it.
  5. Press the trigger lightly to initiate water flow, mixing it with soap.
  6. Keep the trigger engaged for about 45 seconds or until soap starts to dispense.

If soap delivery from your Ryobi power washer falters, reassess if it is set to low-pressure mode and if the soap’s feed tube is correctly positioned. Enhancing water flow by adjusting the nozzle tip might also remedy the issue.

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