Harness Acquires Armory

“Unleashing Innovation: Harness Acquires Armory for \$7 Million Cash”
Harness, a leading software delivery platform, has made a strategic acquisition by obtaining the assets of Armory, a continuous deployment startup built on the open source Spinnaker project. The acquisition, valued at $7 million in cash, signals a significant move in the enterprise software ecosystem. Harness hopes to integrate Armory’s technology into its own products and seeks to provide continuity of service to Armory’s existing customer base. The acquisition also follows the trend of businesses favoring end-to-end solutions over single-point solutions as they consolidate and streamline expenses. With a vision to build an enduring company, Harness is looking to leverage this acquisition to fuel innovation and propel future growth. This is a story of strategic moves and bold ambition, as two leading software companies join forces to shape the future of software delivery.

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