Harness secures Split.io as it fully embraces feature flags and experiments

“Revolutionizing DevOps: Harness Secures Split.io for Advanced Feature Flag Capabilities and Experimentation”
Harness, a pioneering DevOps startup, has taken a strategic leap forward by acquiring Split.io, a prominent feature flag startup. This bold move showcases Harness’s commitment to innovation and enhancement of its platform.

In a recent announcement, Harness founder and CEO, Jyoti Bansal, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, emphasizing the value that Split.io brings to the table. With a focus on feature flags – a crucial tool for developers to manage new feature rollouts – Split.io offers advanced capabilities for experimentation and audience segmentation.

Industry experts, like Forrester analyst Christopher Condo, recognize Split’s sophisticated approach to feature flagging and its statistical engine for running comparative experiments in production. This merger not only strengthens Harness’s position in the market but also enhances its ability to offer cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

The DevOps landscape is evolving rapidly, with a growing emphasis on powerful feature management platforms. By joining forces with Split.io, Harness aims to stay ahead of the curve and provide its users with a comprehensive suite of tools for seamless software development and deployment.

As the competition in the DevOps space intensifies, the impact of this acquisition on Split.io customers remains a topic of interest. Customers using different DevOps platforms may have questions about pricing, quality, and service following this merger. However, both Harness and Split.io are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and delivering value to their stakeholders.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, investor confidence, and employee morale, Harness and Split.io are poised to redefine the DevOps landscape. This strategic collaboration underscores the companies’ shared vision for innovation and growth in a market that demands agility and efficiency.

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