Havenly, an interior design startup, makes acquisition of home décor retailer The Citizenry

“Artisan Craft Meets Digital Elegance: The Acquisition of The Citizenry by Havenly”

Havenly, the online interior design startup, has made a significant move in the home décor world by acquiring The Citizenry, an artisan home décor startup. This acquisition, which marks the third for Havenly in just two years, is part of their strategy to build a collection of home brands that cater to the tastes of modern shoppers.

The Citizenry, established in 2014, collaborates with artisans from all corners of the globe to create limited-edition, handcrafted home goods. By bringing The Citizenry under its umbrella, Havenly is broadening its range of furniture, textiles, and home décor offerings.

CEO Lee Mayer envisions creating a design-focused ecosystem for the new generation of digitally-aware home consumers. Havenly has been actively expanding its portfolio over the past years, with acquisitions of customizable furniture and upholstery brand Interior Define in the previous year, and home furnishing brand The Inside in 2022.

Mayer emphasizes that Havenly customers will now have access to The Citizenry’s range of elevated home décor products, designed with both beauty and meaning in mind. Ethically crafted products, from rugs and bedding to decorative baskets and accents, created in collaboration with master artisans and heritage manufacturers, will soon be available to Havenly’s customer base.

Havenly secured its most recent funding round with a $32 million Series C announcement in October 2019. This round brought the total amount of funding raised to $57.8 million. The Citizenry, on the other hand, raised $20 million in Series B funding in June 2021 and opened its first brick-and-mortar store in New York City in 2020.

Looking forward, Mayer highlights that Havenly is committed to understanding the evolving needs of home design consumers, particularly digitally native millennials who are now the driving force in home décor and furnishings. With this shift in consumer demographics, Havenly aims to be at the forefront of the conversation as the home furnishings and design market modernizes to serve this dynamic customer base.

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