How to Download iOS 18 Now (And Why You Might Want to Reconsider)

Like the name suggests, developer betas are meant for app coders and other Apple partners. Developers usually get this software before the general public does so that they have adequate time to test their apps, add new features and work out their own bugs. Of course, curious Apple fans tend to download them too.

People who have downloaded iOS 18 already say their device feels incredibly sluggish to start, typically because the iPhone is rearranging files and setting itself up after a major upgrade. Even after initial startup, apps will lag a lot more than usual and often crash too.

Oftentimes, I’ve noticed that my banking apps tend to be especially hard hit by beta bugs, but they aren’t alone. A few of your apps may refuse to launch and there may also be a major bug. You can also expect your device’s battery to drain quicker than usual. So, consider yourself warned.

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