Interview with Former PlayStation Head Shawn Layden on Supporting Web3 Gaming Firm Readygg, Discussing Blockchain Games, Massive Layoffs, AI Innovations, Cost Management, and More – by Dean Takahashi for VentureBeat

Hey there! Have you caught wind of the latest buzz in the gaming community? It involves none other than the former PlayStation bigwig, Shawn Layden. So, picture this: Layden, with his wealth of experience from steering the Sony Interactive Entertainment ship, is now throwing his support behind this intriguing venture linked to Web3 gaming, specifically a company called Readygg. Exciting, right?

Now, we’re not just talking about a small pivot here. We’re diving deep into a realm that’s all about blockchain games, navigating the choppy waters of mass layoffs and AI, all while trying to keep the boat from tipping over because of escalating costs. It sounds like a massive challenge, but if anyone’s equipped for it, it’s Shawn Layden. After all, this is a man who’s seen the gaming world from some of its highest peaks.

I mean, let’s be real for a second—gaming is going through something of a tumultuous time, wouldn’t you agree? And who better to weigh in on this than someone who’s been right in the thick of it? With insights that are bound to be as captivating as the games under Sony’s belt, Layden’s perspective on where the future of gaming, especially with the integration of blockchain, is heading is something we’ve all been curious about.

So, how does Layden view these seismic shifts within the industry? And perhaps more importantly, how does he see these innovative technologies impacting the way we play and develop games? If these questions have you on the edge of your seat, then you’re not alone. The world of gaming is on the brink of something potentially revolutionary, and insights from a veteran like Layden could shine a light on what’s to come.

In essence, it’s not just about adapting to the present but preparing for a future where gaming could look vastly different from what we’ve come to know and love. With Layden’s expertise and foresight, combined with Web3 and blockchain’s disruptive potential, we might just be witnessing the dawn of a new era in gaming. How cool would that be?

Feel free to dive into the full interview [here]( to get the scoop directly from the source. After all, who doesn’t love getting the inside story, especially from someone as influential in the gaming sphere as Shawn Layden? Whether you’re a gamer, a developer, or just someone fascinated by the rapid evolution of technology, there’s something in this conversation for you. Let’s keep our fingers on the pulse together, shall we?

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