Kristen Forecki Appointed as New Board Chair by Washington Technology Industry Association

Meet Kristen Forecki: The New Powerhouse Chair of WTIA

Kristen Forecki, a dynamic leader in Seattle's tech scene
Kristen Forecki. (WTIA Photo)

Have you ever wondered what the face of tech leadership looks like? Well, look no further. The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) just introduced a game-changer in their leadership lineup: Kristen Forecki, a name that resonates with experience, innovation, and leadership within Seattle’s sprawling tech landscape.

From Tech Leadership to Guiding WTIA: Forecki’s Journey

Currently steering the ship at Microsoft as a senior director of experiences and device strategy, Kristen Forecki is no stranger to leading from the front. Her odyssey through the tech world, with pivotal roles at juggernauts like Convoy, Rover, and Amazon, charts a path of relentless pursuit of excellence. Armed with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA to boot from Harvard Business School, she’s a testament to where ambition and dedication can take you.

Ascending the WTIA Ladder

But this isn’t the first time Forecki has had a hand on the WTIA wheel. Named vice chair back in 2021, she’s now stepping up as the new chair of the board, taking the baton from Seattle startup veteran, Dave Cotter. Cotter, the brain behind his own advisory firm and the association’s board chair since 2021, isn’t saying goodbye but shifting gears to serve as chair emeritus. It seems like a seamless transition at the top, with fresh eyes set to guide the WTIA ship while retaining the wisdom of its seasoned leaders.

Diving Deeper into WTIA’s Mission

What’s the WTIA all about, you ask? Picture this: a melting pot of nonprofit member trade association, a groundbreaking tech apprenticeship program, and a for-profit corporation cooking up business services – all rolled into one. The goal? To ignite and fuel Washington’s tech ecosystem. Speaking of fuel, did you know WTIA recently snagged a cool $300,000 grant from the Washington state Department of Commerce? That’s some serious backing aimed at turbocharging the region’s tech prowess.

So, what can we expect from Forecki’s leadership? If her track record says anything, it’s that the sky’s the limit. Stay tuned, because something tells me the WTIA’s trajectory is about to get even more exciting under her watch.

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