Legendary Chip Architect’s Firm, Known for AMD Zen, Unveils First Hardware with Grayskull, a RISC-V Alternative to GPUs, Days After Being Chosen to Spearhead Japan’s AI Future

Have you heard about Tenstorrent? It’s a company turning heads in the tech world, led by none other than Jim Keller – you know, the wizard behind AMD’s Zen architecture and Tesla’s pioneering self-driving chip. Well, brace yourselves because they’ve just dropped their first piece of tech magic, Grayskull. Imagine a RISC-V alternative to GPUs that’s not only easier to program but also scales like a dream, mastering the tricky terrain of run-time sparsity and conditional computation like a pro.

But wait, there’s more! Along with Grayskull, Tenstorrent has rolled out some seriously cool DevKits. We’re talking about the sleek Grayskull e75 and its beefier sibling, the Grayskull e150. Tailored for the AI developers’ community, these kits are not your average hardware. They’re inference-only devices brimming with potential. And to sweeten the deal, they come bundled with TT-Buda and TT-Metalium software. Whether you’re looking to dive straight into model running or itch to customize and create from scratch, these tools have got your back.

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