Linktree makes its second investment of the year by acquiring link-in-bio platform Koji

Linktree, the Australia-based link-in-bio platform, continues to expand its reach by acquiring competitor Koji in a strategic move that is sure to reshape the link-in-bio landscape. This recent acquisition is Linktree’s second investment of the year and further solidifies its position as a leader in the industry.

As part of the acquisition, Koji’s link-in-bio product will be discontinued, with users being offered a three-month trial of Linktree’s Pro plan. However, the question remains whether Linktree will provide tools for creators to transfer their data from Koji.

Linktree expressed enthusiasm for welcoming Koji users to its community and promised to work closely with both existing and new users to enhance the link-in-bio experience. The company did not disclose whether Koji’s team would be joining Linktree as part of the acquisition.

This move comes as Linktree, which boasts 41 million users globally and has raised over $165 million in funding, continues to expand its offerings. Earlier this year, the company integrated with social networks such as Threads and Snapchat, and introduced new monetization options for creators. Additionally, Linktree partnered with SendOwl to facilitate the sale of various digital products such as audiobooks, videos, and memberships.

With its track record of innovation and strategic acquisitions, Linktree is poised to revolutionize the link-in-bio space and provide creators with a platform to consolidate, grow, and monetize their online audience.

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