NomuPay, emerging from the aftermath of Wirecard, acquires Total Processing to enhance tooling and customer service

From the Ashes of Wirecard Rises NomuPay: A Look at the $35 Million Acquisition of Total Processing

NomuPay, the innovative payments startup born out of the remains of Wirecard, has made a significant move in the fintech world. They have acquired Total Processing, a Manchester-based startup specializing in payment processing solutions. The acquisition, totaling $35 million, brings the value of NomuPay to a staggering $135 million.

Total Processing, founded in 2015, has seen unprecedented growth without disclosing any outside funding. This acquisition marks a strategic move for NomuPay, as they continue to expand their presence in Southeast Asia, Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East.

NomuPay’s CEO, Peter Burridge, emphasized the importance of Total Processing’s technological stack in solving merchant pain and providing a consultative approach. He envisions leveraging this technology to launch into new markets, starting with Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

With the growth of NomuPay and the strategic acquisition of Total Processing, the fintech industry is witnessing a wave of M&A activities. This consolidation provides startups with the opportunity to combine forces and offer a fuller stack of services to customers, ultimately leading to better economies of scale over wider geographies.

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