PagerDuty Acquires Incident Management Startup Jeli.io

PagerDuty Embarks on a New Chapter: Acquiring Jeli.io, a Game-Changing Incident Management Startup

In an exciting move that will reshape the world of incident management, PagerDuty has announced its intention to acquire Jeli.io, a groundbreaking startup specializing in incident response. This strategic move is set to revolutionize how companies handle incidents and ensure that valuable insights are gained from each occurrence.

Jeli.io, founded in 2019 by Nora Jones, a revered powerhouse in chaos engineering with a strong background in Netflix and Slack, was built on the belief that understanding what went wrong during an incident is paramount to prevent future mishaps. With an emphasis on surfacing insights and enabling teams to learn and react better, Jeli.io created an incident response bot that seamlessly integrates with Slack. By asking a series of questions, teams can swiftly respond to incidents, open Jira tickets when necessary, and effortlessly share incident reports with the relevant stakeholders.

The integration of Jeli.io’s innovative incident management tools into PagerDuty’s robust suite of offerings is a perfect match. PagerDuty is renowned for its ability to assist customers in managing incidents, AIOps, automation, and customer service. The goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services that address internal incident resolution as well as external customer support during slowdowns or outages.

Dan McCall, VP of product management for incident response at PagerDuty, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “Incident response is the core tentpole of our Operations Cloud at PagerDuty, which represents many different capabilities all working in concert with one another to really help companies improve their overall operational maturity.”

Nora Jones, Founder of Jeli.io, initially had no intention of selling the company. However, PagerDuty’s seamless integration with Jeli.io’s functionality, coupled with its vast resources, ultimately convinced her that this was a natural step for the growth of her business. “I wasn’t looking to sell. I think we have a very healthy business that we’re running, which I think also makes this even more exciting, and so this felt like a really natural step in our business,” Jones revealed.

The decision to acquire Jeli.io could hardly be considered a coincidence. With PagerDuty’s data serving as a crucial source of information for Jeli.io’s incident assessment, and with 90% of Jeli.io’s customers already using PagerDuty, a seamless partnership was inevitable. In fact, PagerDuty became Jeli.io’s first integration.

One of the notable advancements from Jeli.io came in the form of a generative AI tool, unveiled during the summer. This revolutionary tool can summarize the key points of an incident and generate a report, providing teams with a solid starting point for analyzing the situation.

Jeli.io had already raised $19 million in funding, including a $4 million seed round in 2020 and a $15 million Series A in September 2022. As part of the acquisition, most of Jeli.io’s employees, including Nora Jones herself, will be joining the PagerDuty team upon finalizing the deal. Notable Jeli.io customers include Slack, Zendesk, SentinelOne, F5, and LastPass.

While the specific closing date of the deal remains undisclosed, the signing of the agreement today marks an exciting new chapter for PagerDuty and Jeli.io as they combine their expertise to shape the future of incident management.

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