Pat Gelsinger, Intel CEO, to Present Next-Generation Products at Computex Keynote

Hey, have you caught the latest buzz from the tech world? The folks over at the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) are all set to spice up Computex 2024 with some high-octane brainpower. Yep, you heard it right—Pat Gelsinger, the bigwig CEO of Intel, is stepping up to the plate on June 4, 2024, to knock our tech-socks off with a keynote that promises to dive deep into the realm of artificial intelligence. So, what’s cooking at Intel? Let’s peel the layers!

Imagine a world where your computer not just thinks, but practically reads your mind, thanks to AI. That’s the kind of future Intel is sketching out for us. They’re not just tinkering around the edges; they’re going full throttle with next-gen AI-enhanced goodies for both client and datacenter computers. Pat Gelsinger is set to unravel how Intel’s smorgasbord of processors, like the AI-accelerated Intel Xeon, Intel Gaudi, and the new Intel Core Ultra, are opening up a Pandora’s box of possibilities for PCs, cloud computing, datacenters—you name it. And hey, who doesn’t love getting more bang for their buck? Gelsinger’s also going to chat about the Xeon processors’ bang-up performance-per-watt and how they make owning a server look like a walk in the park, especially for AI workloads.

But hold your horses; the cherry on top is definitely the curtain-raiser on Intel’s next-gen AI-enhanced products. It’s like peeking into Santa’s bag before Christmas! We’re talking about Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake processors that smell like the future, Granite Rapids CPUs that could probably calculate the meaning of life, Sierra Forest processors that boast up to 288 cores for cloud workloads, Gaudi 3 processors that make the previous gens look like child’s play, and, last but not least, the Battlemage GPUs. If that doesn’t get your geeky heart racing, I don’t know what will.

All these tech marvels are queued up for release between 2024 and 2025, and Computex might just be the stage where Intel decides to pull the curtain back on some of them, showcasing their prowess. The question on everyone’s mind: will Intel also tease us with glimpses of the tech unicorns that are yet further down the pipeline, like Clearwater Forest and Falcon Shores?

In a nutshell, Computex 2024 is shaping up to be an AI fiesta, with Intel right at the heart of it. Stay tuned, because things are about to get interesting!

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