Production Numbers and Pricing for Chevrolet Corvette ZR2: How Many Were Made and What Was the Cost?

When the ZR2 first launched, it was a rather expensive muscle car, costing around $7,000. That might sound cheap by today’s standards, but in 1971, it wasn’t, considering that drivers could get a Ford Torino for just under $4,000. A vehicle of such extravagant expense could easily have been considered a luxury car. With this initial price tag, coupled with its rarity, it should come as no surprise that the current cost of a Corvette ZR2 remains out of reach, even for many collectors.

One of the two convertible ZR2s, this one with only 8,796 miles on the clock — the lowest of any known ZR2 – sold at auction for $785,000 in 2023. Early predictions expected the car to sell for close to $1 million, but bids started to slow down as it neared the end. Still, it’s an impressive final price, and not uncommon for the Stingray, as C3 Corvettes can be worth 90 times their original cost. The other convertible owner wasn’t as lucky, and only managed to get $368,500 in 2019 at auction. While that’s considerably lower than the former, it’s significantly more than its original $7,000 price tag.

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