Report Reveals Majority of Gaming Hours are Dedicated to Classic Titles such as Fortnite and Minecraft

## The Big Players in the Gaming World: A Closer Look

### Why It’s a Big Deal

So, you’re keeping tabs on the gaming universe, huh? If so, you’ve probably noticed how games like **Fortnite** and **Grand Theft Auto Online** have been soaking up the spotlight, becoming the go-to pastimes for players around the globe. But get this: a fresh market report has just thrown us a curveball, showing just how much these familiar faces are hogging our gaming time.

### A Quick Dive into the Numbers

Recent insights from Newzoo’s 2024 PC and Console gaming report are turning heads. It appears that over the past couple of years, gamers have been pouring most of their time into a select group of evergreen titles. But here’s the kicker: the pace at which the industry’s growing could be described as more of a leisurely stroll than a full-on sprint through to the mid-2020s.

Now, hold onto your hats. In 2022 and 2023, a whopping 60 percent of gaming hours were dedicated to titles that had seen at least six years’ worth of action. This bit of data spans 37 international markets—sans China and India—with older, live-service online multiplayer games snagging the spotlight.

### Who’s Leading the Pack?

Peeking at the charts, we see usual suspects like **Fortnite**, **Roblox**, **Minecraft**, **Call of Duty**, **Grand Theft Auto V**, and **Rocket League** ruling the roost across the top 10 lists for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox games by monthly active users for 2023. The plot thickens with PC titles, averaging a mature 9.6 years, largely thanks to esports giants like **League of Legends**, **Counter-Strike 2**, and **Valorant** making their mark.

Switching gears to PlayStation and Xbox, **Rainbow Six: Siege** shines, with the most-played game age hovering around seven years. Interestingly, **EA Sports FC 24** only managed to make waves on PlayStation, despite being up for grabs on all platforms. And wouldn’t you know it, last year’s **Starfield** broke new ground, making it onto the leaderboards for all four platforms.

### A Different Tune on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch tells a different story, where **Fortnite**, **Minecraft**, and **Fall Guys** mingle with Nintendo’s own heavy hitters. In a refreshing twist, new releases like **The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom**, **Super Mario Wonder**, and **Hogwarts Legacy** all earned spots in the top 10, painting a younger, more vibrant picture with an average game age of just 3.9 years.

### Against the Odds

Despite 2023 dishing out critically acclaimed titles such as **Baldur’s Gate 3**, **Alan Wake 2**, and the **Resident Evil 4 Remake**, the year only saw a modest 2.6-percent revenue uptick, mostly thanks to the PC crowd. It seems the post-pandemic era has put a bit of a damper on consumer engagement levels seen in the whirlwind days of 2020 and 2021. And while tech sectors, including gaming hardware, might bounce back, Newzoo’s playing the cautious card, hinting at a more subdued growth outlook, given 2024’s lighter launch lineup.

### Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. The gaming world is full of twists and turns, with old favorites continuing to dominate playtime while new contenders strive to make their mark. Whether you’re a fan of sprawling online worlds or tightly-packed single-player adventures, one thing’s for sure—the games we love continue to shape an industry that’s constantly evolving, often in the most unexpected ways.

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