Sandbox AQ, an Alphabet quantum spin-out, acquires Good Chemistry

“Breaking New Frontiers: Sandbox AQ, a Quantum Tech Firm under Alphabet, Acquires Vancouver-based Startup Good Chemistry”

In a bold move that signals the future of technology, Sandbox AQ, the quantum tech and AI firm launched as a subsidiary of Alphabet in 2022, has made headlines by acquiring Good Chemistry, a groundbreaking quantum and computational chemistry startup based in Vancouver. This acquisition, shrouded in mystery and undisclosed sums, is expected to reshape the landscape of both quantum technology and material design as we know it.

Good Chemistry, a brainchild of Arman Zaribafiyan, emerged as a spin-off of quantum computing company 1QBit in 2021 and has garnered investments from heavyweights such as Green Sands Equity and Accenture Ventures. The company has developed a cloud-based platform that accelerates material design, allowing chemistry developers to harness the power of quantum chemistry, machine learning, and quantum computing in their workflows.

Sandbox AQ’s Vice President, Nadia Carlsten, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, stating that it not only expands Sandbox’s global influence but also brings with it proven technologies and major customers like Dow Chemical. Furthermore, this move has ushered in new investors, with all of Good Chemistry’s backers now joining forces with Sandbox AQ.

This acquisition opens the door to a world of possibilities for Sandbox AQ, with a focus on utilizing advanced simulation and AI tools to drive innovation in various sectors, including drug discovery, material design, agriculture, defense, energy, medical, and manufacturing. By integrating Good Chemistry’s software and expertise, Sandbox AQ envisions a future where highly accurate chemical simulations lead to groundbreaking advancements in drug synthesis and material development.

With the addition of 25 computational and quantum chemists, AI and software engineers, and quantum computing experts from Good Chemistry, Sandbox AQ is poised to take its simulation capabilities to new heights. Arman Zaribafiyan, the visionary behind Good Chemistry, is set to lead the product development for simulation platforms within Sandbox AQ, showcasing the company’s commitment to harnessing the full potential of quantum and AI technologies.

As part of the acquisition, Sandbox AQ plans to integrate Good Chemistry’s software, Qemist Cloud, and Tangelo, into its enterprise software portfolio. Qemist offers users the ability to leverage quantum chemistry through simulation, while Tangelo provides a platform for conducting chemistry experiments across quantum cloud providers and hardware devices.

This bold move by Sandbox AQ is not its first foray into acquisitions, following its purchase of Cryptosense, an enterprise-focused software-as-a-service cybersecurity and encryption startup earlier in the year. As the quantum revolution continues to unfold, the union of Sandbox AQ and Good Chemistry is set to redefine the boundaries of technological innovation and reshape the future of quantum and computational chemistry.

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