Saregama, one of India’s prominent music labels, acquires Pocket Aces

Saregama: Revolutionizing the Indian Music Industry with Pocket Aces Acquisition

In a groundbreaking move, the oldest Indian music label, Saregama, has just acquired a majority stake of 51.82% in Pocket Aces, a rapidly growing digital entertainment startup. This strategic partnership marks Saregama’s profound foray into the world of videos, as it seeks to expand its already impressive catalog and captivate a wider audience.

With a staggering investment of approximately $20 million for the stake, Saregama is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the music industry. In addition to this, the Kolkata-headquartered firm plans to infuse an additional $1.8 million into Pocket Aces, solidifying its dedication to the startup’s growth and success.

Pocket Aces, renowned for its creation of short-form video content aimed at young Indians, has taken the digital realm by storm. Each day, the startup produces more than 30 new items that resonate with viewers, offering comedic relief while addressing real-world issues. With its popularity skyrocketing, Pocket Aces has amassed a staggering 50 million weekly viewers and a mind-boggling 700 million monthly views.

This impressive growth has garnered the attention of major streaming platforms and companies like Netflix, Jio, MX Player, Vistara, and even Qatar Airways. Pocket Aces has successfully licensed its intellectual properties, such as the beloved show “Little Things,” to Netflix, solidifying its position as a powerhouse in the digital entertainment industry.

Saregama’s strategic move to acquire Pocket Aces is another important stepping stone in its mission to diversify and expand its video catalog. With a strong foothold in the production of over 300 video songs per quarter, Saregama is no stranger to delivering exceptional content. Moreover, the music label has ventured into new territories, such as the successful jukebox Carvaan business, low-budget South Indian movies, and TV series for on-demand video streaming platforms.

The acquisition of Pocket Aces will breathe new life into Saregama’s offerings, providing a whole new dimension of intellectual property and a distribution network of over 95 million followers. This invaluable network will undoubtedly help Saregama popularize its extensive music library among the coveted 18-35 audience segment.

Moreover, this partnership will create synergies across both companies’ artist and influencer management, and long-format video creation businesses. Pocket Aces’ expertise in digital talent management will undoubtedly harmonize with Saregama’s rich heritage and propel both entities to new heights of success.

As the music industry undergoes a significant transformation, Saregama’s innovative acquisition of Pocket Aces positions it as a trailblazer. With a wide range of captivating content and an unrivaled distribution network, Saregama is poised to dominate the music and video landscape, captivating audiences young and old alike.

Stay tuned as Saregama and Pocket Aces embark on this exciting journey together, promising endless entertainment, unforgettable experiences, and a revolutionized music industry.

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