Search Function for Threads to Become More User-Friendly with the Rollout of ‘Recent’ Tab

Threads is progressively evolving into a more practical platform for accessing real-time news and updates. The application is now introducing a feature that allows users to search posts by their chronological order, a capability that was last month.

To facilitate the discovery of timely and relevant information on Threads, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri announced a new ‘Recent’ tab for search outcomes, he mentioned in . Although quality control measures are still in place, search results can now be viewed in the order they were posted.

This modification is a highly anticipated one among users who desire for Meta’s app to emerge as a credible source for breaking news and real-time information, much like Twitter has in the past. The ability to search by topics and keywords for the newest results is essential for accessing immediate insights and updates on breaking news, sports, and live events.

However, it’s also been noted that Meta has a distinct stance regarding what Threads should be recognized for. Mosseri has expressed a preference against fostering hard news content on Threads and the platform actively political content. The Threads’ “for you” algorithm frequently shows posts that are several days old, random personal anecdotes, and other content that may not be considered as timely.

Furthermore, Threads’ implementation of the recent search filter differs from the ‘latest’ search filter found on X. As Mosseri pointed out, despite the new filter, an unspecified number of posts might still be excluded from search results due to quality assessments. Therefore, not every post related to specific search terms will be visible. Nevertheless, the option to identify posts that are more recent should alleviate some of the challenges in finding current information.

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