ServiceNow expands task mining capabilities through new acquisition

“ServiceNow Expands Task Mining Capabilities with Acquisition of Czech Republic’s UltimateSuite”

In an exciting announcement this morning, ServiceNow revealed its acquisition of UltimateSuite, a task mining company based in the Czech Republic. This strategic move is set to equip ServiceNow with a new and powerful way to capture and comprehend the flow of work within businesses.

Task mining, an integral part of process mining, has emerged as a vital tool for companies aiming to optimize their operations by identifying bottlenecks and enhancing efficiency. While companies such as Celonis have dominated this space with a valuation of $13 billion, UltimateSuite, a relatively smaller player, brings a unique and valuable addition to ServiceNow’s task mining arsenal.

Prior to this acquisition, ServiceNow lacked the ability to drill down to the user task level within workflows. With UltimateSuite’s task mining capabilities, ServiceNow gains the crucial ability to understand and analyze individual user activities. According to Eduardo Chiocconi, VP and GM for process mining at ServiceNow, the ultimate goal is to leverage these insights to streamline end-to-end business processes and drive automation.

The plan is to seamlessly integrate UltimateSuite’s functionality into ServiceNow’s existing process mining capabilities, ensuring that customers can access the enhanced features as an organic extension of the platform. This strategic move represents the third acquisition by ServiceNow in recent years, solidifying the company’s commitment to AI and automation.

With this latest acquisition, ServiceNow is positioning itself at the forefront of task mining innovation, ready to empower businesses with the tools they need to achieve operational excellence.

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