Snowflake Embraces Data Clean Rooms by Acquiring Samooha

Snowflake and Samooha join forces in cloud data collaboration merger

Tech giant Snowflake has just announced its acquisition of Samooha, a startup specializing in cross-cloud data collaboration. This groundbreaking deal is the latest in a series of big tech acquisitions leading into the holiday season. With the acquisition, Snowflake gains Samooha’s established data clean room platform, enabling businesses to securely share, collaborate on, and gain insights from different data sources across a variety of data stacks. The merger signifies the growing relevance of data clean rooms in today’s digital landscape.

This strategic move allows Snowflake to harness Samooha’s innovative technology, and both companies stand to benefit greatly from this partnership. Customers will have access to built-in platform capabilities from Snowflake, and a powerful network through the Snowflake data cloud. This promises to simplify the process of building, connecting, and utilizing data clean rooms directly in Snowflake, streamlining data processes for both companies and their partners.

The cross-cloud data collaboration field is a crowded one, with notable competition from established companies such as AWS and startups like Herb. However, Samooha’s deep integration with the Snowflake ecosystem sets it apart from the rest. The company’s native app on Snowflake provides an intuitive UI for customers to access and build clean room apps, catering to industries like healthcare, financial services, advertising, and retail.

The successful Samooha acquisition further cements Snowflake’s position as a leader in the cloud data industry. Not only that, but it reflects the increasing demand for data clean room technology across various sectors. With the acquisition, Snowflake is capitalizing on Gartner’s prediction that a substantial percentage of advertisers will have utilized data clean rooms by the end of the year. Snowflake’s ambitious move into data clean rooms is a testament to its forward-looking approach in shaping the future of the tech industry.

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