Stay Abreast of Latest Software Acquisition Trends

How to Stay Updated with the Latest in Software Acquisition

The M&A market in 2024 started slowly. 2023 had big acquisitions, like Cisco buying Splunk for $28 billion. Yet, Dealogic said technology M&A deals hit $154 billion, up 42%. This activity was more than the general M&A growth and beat before the pandemic. Solaganick & Co. think M&A deals will keep rising in 2024 and 2025.

Gartner expects more “techquisitions,” where big companies buy startup technologies. AI is key here, used both in the deals and as the target. Companies like Docusign, WSO2, and IBM have been active. They, along with others, are changing the IT world and showing what to watch for in software deals.

Key Takeaways

  • The technology M&A market saw a 42% year-on-year increase in deal volumes in early 2024, reaching $154 billion.
  • There is a rising trend of “techquisitions” as companies acquire startups to gain new technologies and expertise.
  • Artificial intelligence continues to drive M&A activity, both as a target market and a facilitator of mergers.
  • Companies like Docusign, Nvidia, and IBM have made significant acquisitions, influencing the broader IT landscape.
  • Keeping up-to-date with software acquisition trends involves leveraging industry reports, networking with experts, and utilizing real-time updates.

Understanding Current Software Acquisition Trends

In 2024, the software acquisition scene is buzzing with activity. Key trends and large deals draw much interest. It is crucial to follow software acquisition best practices and keep up with the latest in this field.

Overview of Recent M&A Activity

2024 started slowly but picked up speed in the tech M&A world by the year’s end. In the enterprise-software sector, there were 1,837 deals by 2022’s close, valued at $62 billion. Notable acquisitions include OpenText purchasing Micro Focus for $6 billion and Thoma Bravo buying Coupa Software for $8 billion.

These big mergers signal the industry’s move towards consolidation. The goal is to offer more products and services to a wider customer base.

software acquisition best practices

Impact of Economic Factors on Software Procurement

Inflation and global tensions are making businesses think harder about buying software. The value of deals in the tech sector is closely tied to bank interest rates. To make successful acquisitions, companies must have strong financial foundations. This means having cash, little debt, and good profit margins.

In today’s market, businesses are looking to get the best out of each acquisition. Doing so showcases their use of software acquisition best practices.

Top Technologies Driving Software Acquisitions

Technologies like AI, ML, and IoT are spurring merger and acquisition deals. Companies want to improve their edge in the market. The move to cloud technology is also significant. It allows companies to grow their cloud services and offer complete solutions.

Innovation and continuous product improvement are key. They help a company attract potential buyers and achieve lasting success.

Companies need a clear plan to make it through these dynamic market trends. This includes knowing their long- and short-term merger goals. They must also define what they look for in a merger partner and how to combine companies well. Finding the right merger options and developing strong relationships with investment partners are vital for success.

Keeping up to date with the latest software acquisition practices is crucial. The market’s interest in focused SaaS products, as well as its move towards profitable and growing sectors like cloud, analytics, IoT, and AI/ML, offer significant opportunities for those prepared to take them.

How to Stay Updated with the Latest in Software Acquisition

Keeping up with new software trends is important in today’s world. It’s key to know about buying software, which changes from economic, regulatory, and tech shifts. Being up to date can help a lot with making good decisions.

software procurement tips

Consider taking specific courses or getting certifications. These can really boost your skill with software. They also make you more trustworthy in the business world.

It’s also vital to keep learning and talking with others in the field. Professional conversations and networking can offer tips and experiences. This helps professionals stay current with the latest in software procurement. Finding the right way to buy software can save companies a lot of money.

Using tech to make buying software easier is becoming more common. This change includes buying Software as a Service (SaaS). It shows why refreshing how we buy software is so crucial.

Joining webinars and using sites like Udemy can improve your decisions. These platforms have tools for better analysis and compliance. They can make a big difference.

With the software buying market expected to grow, staying informed is critical. Carrying out updated strategies can keep you ahead of the game. This way, you can react quickly to new opportunities.

Clear communication, honest vendor selection, and good data analysis are vital. These practices help with efficient and smart buying. Now, we’re focusing on tech, flexibility, and better strategy in getting software. This is much better than the old ways.

Specialized Courses or CertificationsIncreased proficiency with complex software features
Industry Forums and Peer NetworksEnhanced skills and informed decision-making
Utilizing Webinars and PlatformsImproved strategic decision-making capabilities
Technology and AutomationStreamlined procurement tasks and overall efficiency

To finish, staying sharp in software buying means always learning and talking with others. It also means using the latest tools. These steps will help professionals do well in the changing world of software buying.

Strategies for Staying Informed About Software Procurement

Staying updated with software procurement news is key for staying ahead in your field. By using smart strategies, you can easily keep up with the latest in software buying and updates.

Leveraging Industry Reports and Publications

Reading industry reports is a solid way to stay on top of software buying news. Sites like Dealogic and Pitchbook offer insights into what software is selling and who’s buying. They also share which new tech areas are growing fast.

Networking with Software Procurement Experts

Getting to know software buying experts can offer valuable tips and insights early. Joining conferences or forums can help you meet these experts. These conversations can help you better understand the market movement.

Utilizing Technology for Real-Time Acquisition Updates

Technology has made getting instant updates on software buys much easier. Thanks to these platforms, you can stay sharp by learning about new deals as they happen. This information is vital for making quick and smart decisions in your work.

To sum it up, reading reports, talking to experts, and using tech tools are all important for staying informed on software procurement. These approaches guarantee you’re ready for the quick changes of the industry, keeping you competitive.

Key Software Acquisition Trends to Watch in 2024

In 2024, software acquisitions will see big changes. Companies and investors face new tech and economic factors. Knowing these trends will help in making smart decisions.

Emergence of Generative AI in Software Acquisitions

Generative AI will drive many software acquisitions. Companies want to add AI to their tech tools, leading to more mergers and acquisitions. This trend shows the importance of using the best practices in acquiring software to compete well.

PE Firms and Their Role in Software Procurement

Private Equity (PE) firms will have a big part in buying software. With a lot of money to spend, these firms are likely to make many deals. Their impact underlines the need for top-notch software procurement tips to handle the complex market well.

Importance of Regulatory and Economic Trends

The rules and the economy, like interest rates and inflation, are key in how software is bought. More oversight on Big Tech and new rules can bring challenges and chances for buying software. Watching these trends helps professionals use the latest software acquisition strategies effectively in a changing world.


The software world of 2024 is a mix of fast changes, financial choices, and tech progress. To keep up, staying in touch with industry news, talking to experts, and using new technology is key. It’s important to look out for trends like how Generative AI is growing, the role of private equity (PE) firms, and how new rules change how we buy software.

It’s crucial to know what makes a software development company valuable. This includes how much they’re making, their special ideas, and the skills of their team. For a company to be worth more, they should have good money and work records, a history of successful projects, and a strong name in the industry.

Talking to skilled business brokers and M&A advisors that know the software industry is a smart move. They can set up deals that are good for everyone and work out the best prices. By keeping up with what’s new and being quick to adapt to changes in the economy and rules, companies can do well in the software market.


What are the top trends in software acquisition for 2024?

In 2024, the top trends in software acquisition include generative AI and more investment from PE firms. Also, regulatory and economic changes are key players. Knowing these trends gives you an edge in buying software.

How can I stay updated with the latest software acquisition strategies?

To keep up, read industry reports from places like Dealogic and Pitchbook. Talk to experts and use tools for timely updates. This way, you can act fast when the market shifts.

What economic factors are influencing software procurement decisions in 2024?

Things like inflation, interest rates, and global tensions greatly affect how software is bought. They change what software is worth and stress getting the most out of each deal.

How does generative AI affect software acquisitions?

Generative AI is key in software buying by improving technology and serving as a goal or tool for mergers. Its use shapes how companies make big moves and buy others.

What role do PE firms play in the current software acquisition landscape?

PE firms, with lots of money to spend, are changing how software is bought. They focus on companies with services people pay for regularly. They provide money and steer where the market goes.

Why is networking with software procurement experts important?

Networking with experts gets you personal tips and hints about the market. It’s key for keeping up by learning from the best in the field.

What technologies are driving software acquisitions in 2024?

Technologies like AI, cloud computing, and keeping data safe are pushing companies to buy new software. They want to use these advances to compete better and have better products.

What strategies should be employed to keep up with software procurement news?

Stay updated by reading reports, joining webinars, and using up-to-date tools. These tactics together help you stay in the know and make smart choices.

How has the regulatory landscape affected software acquisitions?

Regulations, with a focus on Big Tech and new rules, have made buying software harder. Following these laws is crucial when making and joining deals.
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