T-Mobile’s Home Internet Backup Can Maintain Your Online Connection During an Outage, But Crunch the Numbers First

The T-Mobile Home Internet Backup plan provides subscribers with 130GB of 5G data each month. According to the company, this amount is adequate for up to seven days of full-fledged usage. Considering that primary internet connections rarely go down for more than a week (or up to seven days a month), this data cap should suffice for most use cases.

Subscribers to the T-Mobile Home Internet Backup Plan will receive T-Mobile’s 5G gateway device, ensuring a seamless process for connecting to the 5G network. This device is included in T-Mobile’s subscription free of charge, and consumers are not required to pay an additional equipment fee. T-Mobile asserts that the gateway device is easy to install and can be set up in less than 15 minutes after being taken out of the box.

In terms of pricing, the T-Mobile Home Internet Backup Plan costs users $30 a month. Consumers with an eligible T-Mobile voice line can receive a $10 discount, allowing them to subscribe to this plan for a reasonable $20 a month.

For consumers living in areas prone to frequent broadband disruptions, it would be wise to assess if this is a viable option by examining how T-Mobile’s coverage map compares to other providers. Additionally, it is advisable for consumers to explore other competitively priced backup internet options (such as Xfinity’s Storm Ready Wi-Fi plans) available in their area.

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