T-Mobile’s Home Internet Backup Ensures Continuous Connectivity for ISP Customers During Outages

Why it matters: If you’re fatigued by your cable or fiber internet cutting out at the worst moments, T-Mobile offers a new backup plan that might pique your interest. The Un-carrier has just launched Home Internet Backup, giving traditional internet service provider (ISP) customers a cost-effective solution to remain online when their primary connection fails.

With Home Internet Backup, T-Mobile utilizes its 5G network to furnish a dependable backup internet connection for cable and fiber customers. Priced at $30 per month with AutoPay (or $20 if you have an eligible T-Mobile voice line), you receive 130 GB of 5G data to employ when your main internet service is down. T-Mobile references data from CivicScience indicating that nearly 20 percent of US internet users face outages several times a month.

Although 130 GB may not seem substantial, T-Mobile states it’s sufficient to keep a typical household connected for up to seven days per month.

One of the most enticing features of the plan is the inclusion of a 5G gateway at no additional rental fee. Simply plug it in, and with a straightforward self-install process, you should be online in 15 minutes or less.

Depending on the capabilities of your primary router, you might even be able to configure the T-Mobile Wi-Fi as an automatic fallback option.

Of course, Home Internet Backup isn’t essential for everyone. If your primary internet connection is generally stable and outages are infrequent, paying an additional $30 a month might be unnecessary. Cellular hotspots can usually suffice until services are restored.

However, if outages are a frequent issue and you require a more enduring backup solution, Home Internet Backup could be a viable option, especially considering the widespread coverage of T-Mobile’s 5G network.

The new plan is available online and in T-Mobile stores. It adds yet another choice to the carrier’s expanding suite of home internet services, which already includes standard Home Internet and Home Internet Plus plans, utilized by over 5 million customers.

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