This Week in Technology from the Netherlands

As Friday dawns with the sunshine, we bring you the latest news round-up from the Dutch tech scene. 

This week’s updates include breakthroughs in hydrogen fuel cells, a significant deal for chip-equipment manufacturer ASML, and rising concerns regarding how shifts in right-wing politics may affect Dutch firms’ ability to attract tech talent. 

We’ve highlighted the key stories for you, but we’re also eager to know your perspective on the local tech ecosystem. Feel free to contact us if you wish to feature your startup, offer a digital tip, or share any insights.

Now, let’s dive into the details.

Featured Articles

Recommended Reads

  • Dutch tech firms express apprehension regarding stricter immigration policies (France 24)
  • Zepp.solutions, a Dutch hydrogen fuel cell startup, successfully secures €3M funding (Silicon Canals)
  • Intel gains an edge with ASML’s advanced EUV kits (The Elec)
  • For the first time since 2021, Netflix to up its subscription fees in the Netherlands (AD)
  • Expansion of cycling routes in the Netherlands announced by Apple Maps (Tech Times)

Spotlight Startup: LeydenJar

LeydenJar: A Pioneering Force in Battery Technology
LeydenJar: A Pioneering Force in Battery Technology

LeydenJar is revolutionizing batteries by replacing traditional graphite anodes with silicon, vastly increasing their potential. This enhancement means batteries that not only last longer but are denser.

With €100mn in funding, LeydenJar is gearing up to launch its first large-scale production facility in 2026.

Discover more about LeydenJar’s vision for reshaping battery technology for a sustainable future. 

Don’t Miss at TNW Conference

This week, our feature on the TNW Conference highlights Linnea Ahlgren’s recommendation:

Aliya Grig, an AGI researcher and founder of Evolwe AI, is set to share insights on creating AI systems with advanced consciousness and cognition abilities. Her pioneering work suggests a path toward AGI that incorporates empathy, reasoning, and cognitive skills, closely mirroring human intelligence.

Grig’s extensive background in tech startups and her initiatives, such as The Cosmos City, position her at the forefront of AI and space tech entrepreneurship.

Her session titled “Humanism: The Philosophical Debate for AI Ethics” is highly anticipated at the upcoming TNW Conference.

Until next Friday’s update, we bid you farewell!

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