This Week’s Highlights in Dutch Technology

Ah, it’s that delightful time again – Friday! And what does that mean? It’s time for TNW’s sizzling weekly digest of tech scoops straight from our own backyard.

This week was brimming with cool updates – medtech moving forward, quantum leaps (literally!), and a collective cheer for the Dutch chip industry’s uplift. We’ve got the highlights ready for you, but hey, we’re all ears for your take on things too.

Got a hot startup you’re dying to talk about? A digital trick up your sleeve, or just some gossip you’re itching to spill? Hit us up!

But without further ado, let’s dive into the news that had us talking.

Our Latest Scribbles

Pages We Flipped Through

  • Gelderland joins the plea for chip sector support with the Chopin project (Het Financieele Dagblad)
  • QuiX Quantum from the Netherlands breaks new ground in scaling photonic quantum computing (Silicon Canals)
  • Big bucks needed for ASML’s growth spurt in Eindhoven (RTL)
  • Europe’s first electric tug sails off thanks to Damen (Seatrade Maritime)

Spotlight Startup: Vitestro

robotic blood draw vitestro
Credit: Vitestro

A show of hands – who enjoys blood tests? Not many, right? Though not the most pleasant of experiences, they’re pivotal in medical diagnostics, influencing a whopping 60% to 70% of doctor decisions.

But here’s the pickle – the world is running low on skilled lab techs. Enter Vitestro from Utrecht with a nifty solution: a robotic device that takes blood draws to a whole new level of precision thanks to infrared, ultrasound, and AI.

This game-changer recently bagged €20mn to pioneer its journey into hospitals. Get the lowdown on our coverage here.

Must-watch Speaker at TNW Conference

This week, we’ve got a special tip from our own Thomas Macaulay about TNW Conference. His pick? António Félix da Costa – a maestro on the Formula E tracks and a sage when it comes to the electrification and digitization of cars.

Fusing his passion for sports with tech, da Costa sheds light on how racing innovations are fast-tracking the cars in our future. His insights are a sneak peek into what’s cruising down the auto industry’s pipeline.

Caught your curiosity? da Costa’s insights from a March interview with TNW just scratch the surface. His talk on June 21 will reveal it all.

And that wraps up our roundup for the week. See you next Friday, and as they say in Dutch, tot ziens!

With TNW conference on the horizon this June 20-21 in Amsterdam, we’re dialing up our focus on Dutch IT sector goodness. Fancy joining? We’ve got a sweet deal for you! Use the code TNWXMEDIA at checkout for 30% off your business pass, investor pass, or startup packages (Bootstrap and Scaleup).

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