Threads Now Enables You to Choose Who Can Quote Your Posts

Threads Ramps Up User Control Over Quoted Posts

Ever found yourself scrolling through Threads and stumbled upon your own post, repurposed with someone else’s two cents on top? If you’re nodding along, there’s some good news headed your way. Threads is rolling out a shiny new feature that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to who can quote your posts. That’s right, imagine having the power to say, “Hey, only my followers can add their commentary on this masterpiece,” or even, “You know what? No one gets to quote this.” Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

Adam Mosseri, the big boss over at Instagram, dropped the announcement over the weekend. He’s got high hopes that this update will sprinkle a little more positivity around Threads. The vibe? Making Threads a cozier corner of the internet for everyone. And guess what? This isn’t just a shot in the dark. The folks at Threads didn’t just throw darts at a board of ideas; they tested this feature with a bunch of users last month, and now it’s ready for the big stage.

Why This Matters: The Bigger Picture

Threads isn’t just that new kid on the block anymore; it’s quickly becoming the talk of the town with over 150 million monthly visitors. With more eyes on the platform, it’s no surprise that they’re beefing up features to keep the community safe and sound. Borrowing a page from Instagram’s playbook, they’re not just stopping at controlling quotes.

Last month, Threads welcomed the Hidden Words feature into its fold. Ever wished you could magic away certain words from your feed like a spell? That’s exactly what Hidden Words does. It gives you the power to filter out words you’d rather not see, making your scrolling experience a tad more pleasant. And that’s not all. Threads is also dabbling with ways to tidy up your digital footprint with archiving options. Want your posts to fade away into the digital sunset automatically? They’re working on making that happen.

Engaging, Simplifying, and Protecting: The Threads Commitment

So, there you have it. As Threads continues to grow its user base, it’s clear they’re not just focusing on numbers. User experience, safety, and control are top of the agenda. By introducing features that let users manage who quotes their posts, filter out unwanted words, and archive old content, Threads is sending a strong message: Your space, your rules.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Threads, and with these updates, it feels like the platform is genuinely listening to its users’ needs. With a community that’s safer and more positive, who knows what amazing conversations and connections will bloom? One thing’s for sure, Threads is more than ready to host them.

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