Tidal Vision, a Startup Transforming Crab Shells into Eco-Friendly Chemicals, Secures New Funding

Tidal Vision, crafted by an ex-Alaskan fishing captain, is on a growth trajectory, backed by additional funds.

A recent SEC disclosure unveiled an infusion of $46.7 million. The company’s plans were queried, waiting for their commentary.

The firm pioneers in eco-friendly, waste-free conversion of crab shells into chitosan, a versatile chemical with applications in water treatment, prolonging produce freshness, enhancing plant growth, creating fire-resistant textiles, and crafting pharmaceuticals and beauty products, offering a green substitute to hazardous substances prevalent in various industries.

At the recent GeekWire Awards, Tidal Vision was a contender for the Sustainable Innovation of the Year.

Tidal Vision’s inception by Craig Kasberg, a one-time commercial fishing captain disturbed by the sector’s waste, marked a turning point towards utilizing crab shell waste. Previously, these shells were either landfilled or downcycled as fertilizer or pet food.

Chitosan flakes derived from upcycling discarded shells. (Tidal Vision Photo)

Kasberg, alongside Chief Strategy Officer Zach Wilkinson, started the company in Bellingham, Wash., in 2015, encountering a transformative journey from confronting waste issues to facilitating global sustainability. Their acquisition last year of Clear Water Services highlights their integrated approach to environmental conservation and industrial processing.

The venture is not only expanding geographically with a new Texas facility on the horizon but also scales up its workforce to 186. From a market perspective, the chitosan sector, valued at $3.5 billion, is projected to soar to $9.3 billion, encapsulating the ample growth room for Tidal Vision’s innovative solutions.

Tidal Vision, charting a path as the premier chitosan manufacturer in the U.S., distinguishes itself with a focus on sustainability against the backdrop of global competitors employing less eco-friendly methods. This initiative highlights a promising horizon for industrial chemistry, pivoting towards green and sustainable practices.

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