Today Only: Save $180 on the Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum

Hey there! 🙌 So, have you ever thought of treating yourself to a high-end vacuum but then saw the price tag and thought, “Maybe I’ll just stick to my old one?” I get it. But guess what? Today might just be your lucky day because the Dyson V15 Detect, which is basically the superhero of vacuums, is having a sweet deal over at QVC. Yep, it’s $180 off! Normally going for a whopping $750, it’s now at a more wallet-friendly $570 – and let me tell you, that’s almost as good as those crazy Black Friday deals where it dipped to $550. But hey, time’s ticking since this deal wraps up at the end of the day.

Let’s paint a picture of what makes the V15 Detect stand out, shall we? Picture this: you’re vacuuming, minding your own business, and then BAM, the LED light on its head lights up all the dirt you didn’t even know was there. It’s like a crime scene investigator but for your floors. Team Dyson, am I right?

But it doesn’t just stop at lighting up your floor’s dirty little secrets. This gadget goes full-on CSI, analyzing the grime it collects to give you a breakdown of what exactly you’re cleaning up. Its LCD display keeps you in the loop with a particle count and even tells you how much battery life you’ve got left. Dyson claims it can keep going for about 60 minutes, optimizing suction power based on how much of a mess it’s tackling. Talk about smart, eh?

Now, if you’re anything like Engadget’s Mat Smith, who claimed it was the most powerful vacuum he’s ever used, you’ll be keen on its three cleaning modes – Eco, Auto, and Boost – and its anti-tangling brush bar for those pesky hairs. And let’s not forget about the bonus hair screw tool for more…hairy situations. 😂

But, my friends, it’s not all about the power. This bundle also throws in a crevice tool, a wall dock, a combo tool, and a charging adapter. Need to whisk away some dust from your keyboard or car seat? Just convert it to a handheld vacuum, and you’re good to go.

And hey, if you’re hungry for more deals or need some advice before you hit the buy button, remember to follow @EngadgetDeals on Twitter and subscribe to the Engadget Deals newsletter. Because honestly, spotting a good deal is almost as satisfying as finding that last bit of dirt hiding in your carpet.

So, what do you think? Ready to make your floors so clean you could eat off them? (Not that I’m suggesting you should.) Either way, don’t sleep on this deal if you’ve been eyeing a Dyson. Tick-tock! 🕒

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