Top 5 Quickest Electric Motorcycles of 2024, Ranked

The Italian Volt Lacama starts our list with two battery configurations. The “Hyperlight” battery, lighter in weight, reaches a top pace of 105mph. Conversely, the “Hyperpower” battery propels the bike to an impressive 143mph (230km/h), electing it as the focus for its remarkable speed and design. Since we’re exploring the swiftest motorcycles, we’ll highlight the capabilities of the Hyperpower option.

For those preferring a solitary ride, the Lacama Monoposto, designed with a single seat, is ideal. Meanwhile, the Biposto variant accommodates two, enabling a shared journey albeit at the cost of reduced acceleration due to the extra weight – achieving 0 to 60 in four seconds. Nonetheless, the Hyperpower battery doesn’t disappoint, delivering 169 ft-lbs of torque and a range of up to 160 miles. Its regenerative braking system features four adjustable levels, ranging from zero to three, for optimizing kinetic energy recuperation.

The Lacama also offers four tailored driving modes akin to those on Kawasaki’s e-1 motorcycle. Choices include “Rocket!,” “Sport,” “Eco,” and “Wet.” Each mode is designed to enhance the ride according to the driver’s preference and prevailing road conditions, with “Rocket!” mode being the go-to for accelerated performance.

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