Volvo Partners with UK Tech Startup to Increase Electric Vehicle Charging Speed by 30%

Volvo Sparks Innovation with a New Partnership

Guess what? Volvo’s diving deep into the future, partnering up with the British newcomer, Breathe Battery Technologies. Yep, they’re decking out their next-gen EVs with some smart software that’s all about juicing up faster and staying cool — literally.

The Charging Game’s Changing Rules

So, here’s the deal. Our beloved gadgets and rides, from the phone in your pocket to the car in your driveway, have a bit of a catch-22. They’re loaded with lithium-ion batteries that get a tad nervous (read: hot) when you power them up too quickly. To avoid any meltdowns, there’s a built-in ‘slow down’ during charging. Safe, yes, but speedy? Not so much.

Enter Breathe’s Smart Software

Breathe Battery Technologies is shaking things up with some clever software that’s kind of like having a personal trainer for your battery. It keeps an eye on the battery’s health, letting it push the limits when it’s cool to do so. The result? A 15-30% speed boost in charging times, without shortening the battery’s life. Not too shabby, huh?

From Phones to Four Wheels

Already a hit in 27 OPPO smartphone models, Breathe’s tech is now hitting the road, aiming to supercharge the auto industry. And with Volvo on board, things are about to get interesting.

Volvo’s Electric Dream

Volvo’s not just dipping a toe in the EV pool; they’re doing a cannonball. Having produced their last diesel car, they’re all in on electric, aiming to go fully electric by 2030. Partnering with Breathe is a strategic move to amp up their charging capabilities, making EVs even more appealing to the everyday driver.

The Future is Fast and Electric

With this power-up from Breathe’s tech, Volvo’s future EVs will spend less time tethered to charging stations and more time cruising the asphalt. It’s a bold step forward, not only for Volvo but for all of us looking forward to a cleaner, faster-charging electric future. Keep an eye out; Volvo’s promising to share more details later this year.

So, what do you say? Ready to take a ride into the future of fast charging with Volvo and Breathe?

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