Week in Review: Top Stories on GeekWire for the Week of March 3, 2024

Hey there! If you’re hungry for the latest scoops in the tech and startup world, you’ve landed in the right spot. Let’s dive into what’s been buzzing in GeekWire for the week of March 3, 2024. Don’t forget, you can get all these updates straight to your inbox by signing up for the GeekWire Weekly email newsletter. Trust me, it’s like the cherry on top of your Sunday relax-and-read ritual.

So, what’s everyone talking about? Zulily is making a comeback with Marcus Lemonis from ‘The Profit’ at the helm. Yes, you read that right, Zulily’s getting a fresh start, and Beyond just dropped a cool $4.5M to breathe new life into the brand. And speaking of breathing new life, Glowforge is at it again with a new 3D laser engraver named Spark, aimed at all you crafty folks out there looking for a lower-priced entry into the world of laser crafting.

Meanwhile, over in Seattle, the council president is on a mission to boost office attendance. It’s all about setting examples and building those numbers back up. Speaking of building up, Zulily is not just relaunching; it’s also going back to its flash-sale roots. Marcus Lemonis is steering this ship, folks, so expect some exciting waves in the e-commerce ocean.

Did you know Beyond shelled out $4.5M for Zulily’s brand assets? They’re gearing up for a relaunch worthy of a standing ovation. And for the space enthusiasts, Blue Origin’s got its sights set on the moon with a cargo lander trip planned for 2025. Yep, humans will follow, so start prepping your moon boots!

But wait, there’s more! Seattle’s food delivery drivers are seeing higher hourly earnings, thanks to a new minimum wage law. However, customer demand seems to be on the quieter side. Anthropic, backed by Amazon, is expanding its Seattle crew as it races alongside giants in the generative AI arena. And let’s talk about sharing; David Baker from the Institute for Protein Design believes sharing code is crucial for biotech startups.

Last but not least, the University of Washington is tackling computer science education with a new research center. With technology spreading like wildfire in every aspect of our lives, it’s about time education caught up, don’t you think?

Phew, what a lineup! Whether it’s online retail giants making a comeback, tech companies blazing new trails, or educational institutes paving the way for the future, there’s never a dull moment in the tech world. So, what’s got you buzzing this week?

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