5 Essential Harbor Freight Tools for Building Your DIY Mobile Workbench

## **Constructing Your Mobile Workbench? The Essential Tool You’ll Love**

![Discover the perfect compact circular saw for your DIY projects!](https://www.slashgear.com/img/gallery/5-harbor-freight-tools-that-will-come-in-handy-when-constructing-your-own-mobile-workbench/l-intro-1711037420.jpg)

So you’ve decided to take on the noble task of building your own mobile workbench. Among the varied activities you’ll embark on, one stands out as particularly common—sawing. Yes, whether it’s navigating through the dense forests of lumber or skilfully dodging the maze of plywood, or even performing delicate surgery on those extra bits you swear weren’t on the blueprint, a reliable circular saw becomes your best bud.

### **Introducing: Bauer’s Compact Powerhouse**

But what if the task at hand requires something a bit more…compact? Enter the Bauer Compact Circular Saw. Don’t be deceived by its smaller frame—it’s like the Tardis, small on the outside, powerful on the inside.

Measuring a lean 5 inches in height and stretching 16 inches across, this saw might seem like it’s more suited to paper crafts than power drills. But, oh, how wrong you’d be! Powered by a 5.8 amp motor, this pint-sized powerhouse spins its 4.5-inch blade at a dizzying 3,500 RPM. That’s enough firepower to glide through lumber as thick as 2 inches like a hot knife through butter.

And it’s not just about brute strength. The Bauer saw comes with a bevel adjustment feature that lets you tilt the blade up to 45 degrees for those fancy angled cuts. Pair that with a solid upper guard and a handle that feels like shaking hands with an old friend, and you’re in for a comfortable, secure sawing experience.

### **Where to Find This Gem**

Curious about where to snag this little monster? It’s available at Harbor Freight for a friendly $64.99 and boasts a stellar user rating of 4.6 out of 5. It caught the eye of the woodworking aficionados over at The Bunker Woodworks on YouTube, who couldn’t get enough of its lightweight, compact design that surprisingly doesn’t skimp on the cutting power.

However, they do drop a little nugget of wisdom—this saw is your go-to for those smaller, do-it-yourself projects rather than the high demands of professional contract work.

So, whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or a weekend warrior looking to bring your mobile workbench dreams to life, the Bauer Compact Circular Saw might just be the low-key hero you’ve been searching for. Ready to make some sawdust?

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