6 Comparable Ryobi 40V Electric Yard Tools to Their Gas-Powered Equivalents

For those who prioritize ease of use and comfort in lawn maintenance, backpack blowers are a top choice. They not only optimize the weight distribution for a more comfortable experience but also accommodate larger motors for increased power. This benefit applies to both gas and battery-operated models. For enthusiasts of the latter, Ryobi offers an excellent alternative to traditional gas blowers with its 40V Brushless Whisper Series 730 CFM Backpack Blower.

While it falls slightly short in airflow capacity compared to the Ryobi 2-Cycle 760 CFM Backpack Blower (model RY38BPVNM), with a performance nearly on par, producing a 165 mph airspeed. Although 10 mph less than its gas-powered sibling, it’s still robust enough to tackle dense lawn debris effectively. Interestingly, this electric model outmatches the gas version’s engine capacity, offering power equivalent to that of a 51 cc gas engine, against the 38 cc of the gas model. 

The operation mimics that of handheld blowers, featuring an easy-to-use variable-speed trigger for precise control over the blowing force. For tasks requiring extra power, there’s a turbo button and an adjustable speed tip to increase airspeed. The experience of using it compares closely to its gas-powered counterpart, with the notable difference of the electric blower being 85% quieter. Moreover, it provides up to 52 minutes of run time on two 40V batteries, bypassing the hassle of starting and maintaining a gas engine. The 40V Brushless Whisper Series 730 CFM Backpack Blower is priced at $429, positioning it $150 above its gas equivalent.

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