AI Security Camera with Face-Detection Capability Launches Tear Gas

Meet Eve: The AI-Powered Guardian That’s Reinventing Home Security

Imagine a world where your home security system doesn’t just watch over your house passively but actively defends it. Enter Eve, a creation from a savvy Slovenian startup that’s flipping the script on traditional home security. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill security camera. It’s like the bodyguard you never knew you needed—equipped with AI and a penchant for paintballs and tear gas pellets.

What Makes Eve Stand Out?

First off, Eve is no ordinary camera. Powered by AI, it boasts computer vision technology that works day and night, distinguishing between friend or foe. Picture this: someone you haven’t approved tries to sneak onto your property. Maybe it’s an uninvited guest or perhaps, a neighborhood kid on a mission to retrieve their frisbee. Eve can tell the difference, thanks to its ability to recognize faces and even animals, granting you peace of mind with every alert.

Decision Time: Friend or Foe?

Let’s say an unfamiliar face pops up beside someone you know—think your daughter’s new boyfriend. Eve doesn’t jump the gun. It asks you what to do, putting the power right in your hands. Should Eve spring into action, or stand down? The choice is yours, making for a security experience as interactive as it is protective.

When tensions rise, Eve isn’t shy. This guardian yells a warning, giving trespassers a chance to rethink their life choices. “You’re identified as non-authorised personnel. You have five seconds to leave the property!” And if that doesn’t work? Well, let’s just say Eve has a colorful and tear-inducing way of making its point, all while recording the event for evidence. Talk about a tough love approach to security.

A Bold Leap or a Step Too Far?

As intriguing as Eve sounds, it does bring up a few eyebrows. The kicker? We’re not completely sure it’s on the right side of the law. But let’s park those thoughts for a moment. After all, the folks at Paintcam are pushing boundaries and envisioning a world where security systems do more than just observe—they protect and serve. With the home security market booming, they might be onto something big, assuming they navigate the ethical and legal hurdles ahead.

So, what’s next for Eve and its creators? They’re gearing up for a big reveal on April 23, though they’re keeping mum on the price tag for now. What we do know is they’re courting backers on Kickstarter, aiming to bring this bold vision to life. It’s a daring dream, and one thing’s for certain—Eve isn’t about to fade into the background.

Are we ready for a world where our home security doesn’t just watch but acts? Only time will tell. But for now, Eve is making quite the entrance, promising to turn the world of home security on its head.

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