Amazon Awards ‘Future Engineer’ College Scholarships to 13 Students in the Seattle Area

A Glimpse into the Future: Seattle Students Awarded Amazon Scholarships

Ever dreamt of a future so bright you gotta wear shades? Well, for 13 lucky students from the Seattle area, that dream is quickly turning into reality, thanks to a little surprise from Amazon. Yep, you read that right. These students hit the jackpot with scholarships from Amazon’s “Amazon Future Engineer” program. And guess what? They had no clue it was coming!

The Big Reveal at Amazon’s Prime Air Drone Facility

Picture this: a group of high school students, all thinking they’re about to sit through their final scholarship interview at Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery hub in Seattle. Little did they know, they were walking straight into a celebration of their achievement. Talk about a plot twist!

The Winners Circle

From the Bellevue School District to Seattle Public Schools, these students are as diverse as they are talented. With names like Alvin Sung from Newport High and Fenet Guyassa from Bonney Lake High School lighting up the roster, the future’s looking mighty bright. And let’s not forget about siblings Rane and Alaris Peterson from Eastlake High School making it a family affair!

The 13 Seattle-area students awarded Amazon Future Engineer scholarships during an event at a Prime Air drone facility in Seattle. (Amazon Photo)

These 13 Seattle-area students got more than they bargained for at a Prime Air drone facility in Seattle. (Amazon Photo)

The Scholarship Scoop

We’re talking up to $40,000 each for these kids to chase their dreams in computer science, engineering, or anything tech-related really, at the college of their choice. Plus, Amazon’s throwing in a paid internship after their freshman year. Minds = blown.

But wait, there’s more. These 13 students are part of a bigger picture – 400 nationwide to be precise – all getting a slice of the scholarship pie this year. It’s all part of Amazon’s grand plan to empower students from underrepresented communities, giving them the tools and opportunities to forge pathways in tech that can lead to a brighter, more inclusive future.

The Heart of Amazon’s Mission

Since kicking off in 2019, Amazon’s Future Engineer program has pledged $54 million in scholarships to 1,350 students across the U.S. Talking about putting your money where your mouth is! Victor Reinoso, the global director of education philanthropy at Amazon, put it best when he said it’s all about empowering the next generation to drive innovation for a more equitable and sustainable world.

Students react as they open Amazon boxes containing their Future Engineer scholarship details. (Amazon Photo)

Just look at those faces! Unboxing a future filled with endless possibilities. (Amazon Photo)
Let’s face it, stories like these warm the heart. They remind us that with the right support and opportunities, there’s no limit to what the next generation can achieve. Here’s to Amazon for lighting the way and to these bright young minds for daring to dream big. The future sure looks bright from here, doesn’t it?

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