AMD Unveils Ryzen Pro 8000 and Ryzen Pro 8040 Series CPUs with AI Capabilities for the Commercial Desktop Market

### AMD’s Ambitious Drive into the AI PC Market with Ryzen Pro Series

Hey folks, have you heard the latest buzz from the tech world? AMD is making quite the splash with their new line-up aimed at shaking up the AI PC market. And guess what? They’re not just sticking to consumer processors; they’re going all out with options sprawled across multiple product lines. Let’s dive deep into what AMD has up its sleeve.

#### Introducing the Ryzen Pro 8000 ‘Phoenix’ and Ryzen Pro 8040 ‘Hawk Point’

First off, AMD has pulled the curtains back on the Ryzen Pro 8000 ‘Phoenix’ series for desktops. This series is not your average Joe. It’s touted as the first professional-grade CPU to pack an NPU (Neural Processing Unit) right on the chip. This little marvel is aimed at delivering on-chip AI neural processing capabilities. And it’s not stopping there – AMD’s rolled out the Ryzen Pro 8040 ‘Hawk Point’ series designed for the commercial laptops and notebook arena.

Both these processor series come equipped with AMD’s Pro Manageability and AMD Pro Business Ready suites and are built around the mighty Zen 4 cores. They bring the heat with additional security features like AMD Memory Guard, AMD Secure Processor, and Microsoft Pluton, making them akin to a digital Fort Knox.

#### Setting the Bar for Security

What sets the Ryzen Pro series apart from the non-Pro consumer chips, you ask? Well, plenty, especially in the security department. The Ryzen Pro 8000 series is breaking new ground as the first desktop platform to integrate Microsoft Pluton security features, designed to beef up protection when you’re floating around in the cloud. Other stellar features include AMD Memory Guard, encrypting all your precious data directly in the DRAM, and AMD Pro Security, tying the AMD Zen 4 shadow stack snugly with the software stack, ensuring Microsoft Windows 11 OS security is on steroids.

#### The On-Chip AI Game Changer

One of the big headlines AMD is hyping up is the on-chip AI capabilities of the Ryzen AI NPU included in their processors. This is a game changer for enterprises aiming to run AI workloads locally, sidestepping privacy headaches by cutting back data transfers to and from the cloud. While we’re still at dawn in the AI PC age, AMD’s vision is to arm software manufacturers and developers with AI-accelerated features, marching hand in hand with the likes of Microsoft and their AI-powered Copilot tool.

#### The Numbers Game: Ryzen Pro 8000 vs. Intel

Peeking into the numbers game, AMD is throwing down the gauntlet with their Ryzen Pro 8000 series, claiming up to 19% better performance compared to Intel’s 14th-gen Core series processors. The highlight of the show? The Ryzen 7 Pro 8700G squaring off against Intel’s Core i7-14700, where AMD is claiming a staggering 47% victory in the Passmark 11 benchmark and a triple-threat win in graphics performance in 3D Mark Time Spy. All thanks to the integrated RDNA3 graphics and the powerhouse Zen 4 cores.

#### AMD’s Ryzen Pro 8040 Processors: Mobile Marvels

Switching gears to the mobile front, AMD is refreshing the Hawk Point family for the enterprise players. From robust workhorses to sleek ultrabooks, the Ryzen Pro 8040 lineup is here to cater to all tastes. Leading the pack is the Ryzen 9 Pro 8945HS, boasting a base clock of 4.0 GHz and a boost clock soaring up to 5.2 GHz.

But here’s the kicker: all of these processors, save for the lone ranger Ryzen 5 Pro 8540U, come equipped with AMD’s Ryzen AI NPU. This is AMD’s play to keep pushing the envelope in the AI-driven software universe, promising more juice for the future of tech.

#### The Ryzen Pro Series: Ready to Conquer the Commercial Realm

To wrap things up, the debut of the Ryzen Pro 8000/8040 series marks a complete suite for AMD’s commercial client platform, standing tall alongside the Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7000-WX series for commercial and professional workstations. What makes the Ryzen Pro series a cut above? The AMD Pro Manageability toolkit, offering cloud-based remote manageability and top-tier encryption with WPA3 SAE, ensuring businesses stay safe in the digital wilderness.

As we wait with bated breath for the Ryzen Pro 8000 series APUs and the Ryzen Pro 8040 mobile chips to hit the shelves, it’s clear AMD is not just stepping up; they’re leaping into the next era of computing. Stay tuned, tech enthusiasts! The ride’s just getting started.

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