Ex-Facebook and FanDuel Executives Head Seattle Startup Aspiring to Create the “Gartner of Cybersecurity”

Cypher co-founders Sachin Goyal (left) and Vinay Narayan. (Cypher Photos)

Companies of all shapes and sizes need to secure their infrastructure. However, it’s not always clear what type of cybersecurity software can meet their needs, and navigating marketing and sales tactics used by security services can be challenging.

Cypher aims to assist in this area.

This new Seattle startup seeks to democratize information about cybersecurity products while connecting buyers and sellers through its platform.

“The root of the problem is that what gets discovered is what gets marketed really well,” said Cypher co-founder and CEO Vinay Narayan.

Narayan mentioned that there are more affordable tools offering adequate security protections, but they are harder to find.

Cypher also aims to help buyers who may not have large marketing budgets and can’t “pay to play” as effectively.

“We’re going to level the playing field between the haves and have-nots,” Narayan added.

Cypher’s software leverages generative AI to understand a company’s cybersecurity needs. Its recommendation algorithm then provides a list of providers who can assist.

The company, which is bootstrapped, generates revenue by offering premium subscription services to buyers, including access to more detailed seller data. It also earns money from sellers who use Cypher to find customers.

Narayan, who relocated from Silicon Valley to Seattle three years ago, previously led business strategy for the Oculus and Portal teams at Facebook and spent three years at Google.

Cypher co-founder and CTO Sachin Goyal previously served as vice president of engineering for Multiverse and was director of engineering at FanDuel.

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