Exploring the Next Big Tech Opportunity: AI, Venture Capital, and Insights with ‘Startup Project’ Host Nataraj Sindam

Nataraj Sindam, AI venture capital
Nataraj Sindam at the GeekWire offices in Seattle this week. (GeekWire Photo / Todd Bishop)

As the creator and host of the “Startup Project” podcast, tech senior product manager Nataraj Sindam engages with a diverse array of investors and entrepreneurs, providing him with a comprehensive view on the future of AI, investing, and startups.

He also authors the Above Average newsletter and serves as a venture partner at Incisive VC.

One of his insights is that the significant opportunity in the coming years lies not in consumer artificial intelligence services, but in leveraging large language models and generative AI within the broader realm of business data and applications. This includes services designed for specific industry workflows.

This week on the GeekWire Podcast, Sindam joins us to discuss current trends in technology, AI, venture capital, and startups.

Other topics include:

  • The opportunities and challenges for startups in competing with large tech companies to develop foundational AI technologies, and where tech investors are concentrating their efforts in AI startups.
  • How AI will drive a significant increase in data centers over the next 5-10 years to meet rising demands for compute and storage, necessitating new “intelligence layers” in cloud infrastructure.
  • The differing incentives in the traditional startup approach (focused on achieving a minimum viable product) versus long-term AI moonshots, as exemplified by former OpenAI leader Ilya Sutskever’s new venture.
  • Apple’s efforts to integrate AI into its applications and operating systems, and the trade-offs between the Apple ecosystem and the more extensive Windows/Android platform approach.
  • And finally, in the return of our “My AI” segment, I discuss a useful method to quickly get a summary of YouTube videos using the Copilot sidebar in the Microsoft Edge browser.

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