Farming Expert-Led Irrigation Tech Startup Blooms with Surging Revenue and Fresh Funding

## New Horizons and Financial Milestone for AgTech Innovator

### The Evolution from CODA Farm Technologies to FarmHQ

Imagine stepping into the world of FarmHQ, an agricultural technology enterprise deeply rooted in familial farming traditions. This venture, co-founded by siblings Connor and David Wallace, took a significant leap forward by not only rebranding itself from CODA Farm Technologies to FarmHQ but also by securing a handsome sum of $750,000 in seed funding. Nestled in the lush landscapes north of Seattle, FarmHQ has embarked on a journey to revolutionize farming with their cutting-edge irrigation hardware and software platform. David Wallace, the CEO and visionary behind the company, decided that their transformative product and the company itself should share the same name – FarmHQ, to alleviate any brand confusion amongst their growing customer base. It’s a tale of innovation meeting practicality, speeding down the road of agricultural advancement.

### The Genesis of FarmHQ: A Story Woven from Soil and Data

The narrative of David and Connor Wallace is as rich and fertile as the Skagit Valley potato farm they once called home. Venturing out into the world for higher education and diverse career paths – with David making waves as a senior data scientist at Amazon Web Services and Connor exploring the vast territories of science and technology – the duo eventually felt the irresistible pull back to their agrarian roots. In 2020, amidst the green expanse that witnessed their childhood, FarmHQ was born. It was more than a business venture; it was a homeward journey embarking on a mission to blend agricultural heritage with technological innovation.

### An Innovative Leap: Transforming Irrigation with Technology

Gone are the days when small to medium-sized farms relied on the backbreaking, inefficient methods of manual irrigation. The Wallace brothers introduced a game-changing solution that took the hassle out of irrigation. Imagine controlling the flow of water to your crops and getting real-time irrigation data straight to your smartphone, all thanks to the wonders of IoT technology. This clever system seamlessly integrates with existing devices, revolutionizing the way water is delivered to crops across various sprinkler setups. In its first year alone, FarmHQ’s devices conserved an astounding 365 million gallons of water over an expanse of 40,000 acres. It’s technology and sustainability hand in hand, nurturing the fields of the future.

### Growth in Full Bloom: FarmHQ’s Expanding Footprint

With a passionate team of eight and a burgeoning network of dealers, FarmHQ’s influence is sprouting far beyond its U.S. origins, reaching into Canada, Mexico, and even Australia with its first pilot. The numbers are telling of their success; farm accounts have mushroomed, revenues have quadrupled, and the network of agricultural irrigation dealers offering FarmHQ’s ingenious products and services has seen a similar fourfold increase. What’s more impressive? A whopping 95% of customers are renewing their contracts, a testament to FarmHQ’s impact and the value it brings to farmers far and wide.

### Cultivating a Diverse Future: FarmHQ’s Versatile Impact

David Wallace paints a picture of FarmHQ’s broad agricultural canvas, highlighting its role in hydrating a diverse array of crops – from the staple potatoes and strawberries to dairy operations and nut orchards. With nearly $4 million garnered in venture capital and eyes set on a Series A funding round, FarmHQ stands at the cusp of expanding its technological and sustainable footprint even further. Esteemed investors like Fortson VC, Tacoma Venture Fund, and Lowercarbon Capital, alongside a cadre of angel investors, have thrown their weight behind this vision of agricultural innovation.

### Staying Rooted: The Family Farm as a Bedrock of Innovation

Despite their technological ascendancy, the Wallace brothers remain deeply connected to their family farm, now a crucial crucible for FarmHQ’s research and development endeavours. David’s recounts of collaborating with their father, using the farm as a real-world testing ground for new hardware, illuminate the seamless melding of family tradition and technological progress. This enduring bond not only nurtures their roots but also propels FarmHQ towards a verdant and sustainable future in agriculture.

As FarmHQ continues to expand its horizon, the essence of its journey remains ingrained in the rich soil of its origins – a tale of two brothers turning their familial legacy into a beacon of innovation for the agricultural world.

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